Mini notes

Special announcement!

Guess what? Majolica Majorca‘s FIRST counter will open this Friday, Oct 24th at the Watson’s outlet at Ngee Ann City! Do check it out! Aside from that, don’t forget to join the FoTC contest where you’ll stand a chance to win a Macbook Air!

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Would You Rather? – Cat or Dog

Would You Rather? is back after a good one week break! I’m going a lil bonkers with school work and exams now so do leave some suggestions for future WYR! This week’s WYR is…. Would You Rather? 1) Keep a Cat OR 2) Keep a dog? Choose one and explain why! Remember to share “Would …

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My MJ Makeover

As mentioned in my previous entry, I had a makeover done when I went to their office. I was very pleased with the makeover! It was a different look for me and I absolutely adore the way she did my eye makeup!

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