how now brown cow?

i dunno what to do now. i really dont. its time to re-evaluate everything. time to save money and plan. for once in my life, im stucked. stucked not knowing what to do. and this scares me. it scares the hell out of me.

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do you wanna go dancing?

last friday, i was itching for some good old lancing. havent clubbed in ages, didnt get to visit luxy in taiwan and i was damn “gian” to go shake some booty. i was almost resigned to spending a night at home mahjong-ing with the parentals who have never failed to bully me. (if i lose, …

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the things i’ll do for free tickets…

what would you’ll do for free tickets? i would…. post pics of my pussy. not shave my armpits for as long as Ming wants! LOL! isnt that a good deal? choose one! 😉 update: woooot! ming has given me free tix! and i wont have to post pics of my pussycats (LOL!) or even not …

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