what do you consider cheating?

during my taiwan trip, a few of us were having a mini debate on the term cheating. everyone has their own definitions and what would be considered acceptable to some is considered as cheating to others. now, i would like to hear your thoughts. which of the following do you consider as cheating? going out …

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*pokes tummy*

pic from perth. i miss the weather! back from my taiwan trip. gained lotsa weight from my aussie and taiwan trip. no kidding. with all that oily and fattening food guzzling, its no surprise eh? i spent 3200NT at watsons! like wth?! lol. updates another time. time to clear emails and read blogs. and to …

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Friends Travel

back to back.

reached sg abt 9pm last night. repacked for taiwan. from winter to summer clothing. it has been a great trip to perth, not good shopping but great company coupled with great scenery. i love the weather there though it actually rained when we were there. i gained weight! kept eating and eating. bah. updates much …

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