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i know i know... i've been bugged to update. due to lack of time (and laziness) i'll be periodically updating this entry... so check back for more updates...

most of the times when i travel, i usually stay at really budget places e.g. backpacker's hotels or hostel, but this time, we decided to splurge. mainly because of a few reasons.

  1. recent bangkok's "happenings", bombs in hotels and all.
  2. its my birthday leh! *sulks*
  3. erm, working already mah. so got $ to spend. muahahahahaa.

we decided to get a really nice hotel... the grand diamond hotel. it amounted to about $550 for 4 nights?

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been lugging stuff around for my event this week, carrying heavyyyy stuff. it sucks sometimes when theres only females around to do all these stuff.

my wrist, ankles, back, butt, arms have been aching for the past few days. what do you expect when you do the work of a coolie for the past few days. i bet no ones knows we are coolies at night when we are professional event managers in the day.

some men are just plain useless. just watch me (and you know how pint sized i am) lifting seriously heavy stuff while they sit down and do some sorting. forget about asking them, i do the work way faster than them.

working to quit? hah. i think im one of the calmest among our team, everyone has been bitching and all. i guess after i get pissed at a certain timing and when the body cant take it anymore, i dont have any energy to be angry anymore.

its quite 'duh'. i quitted my last job because i didnt want to do events anymore and here i am, handling events (though its just a few a year but its way larger scale) and now, we're the coolies.

actually, it isnt so much a problem for slaving for this but only if it comes with the recognition that we deserve.

i just needed to bitch. my only outlet. time to collapse in bed and survive the 'final lap' tomorrow.