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bah. before my trip to australia, i was thinking of making a handmade prezzie for tiger. i sought a few advice and settled down on cross-stitch (plus i have a cross-stitch guru: jenny, who is willing to teach me :P)

decided to settle on a bookmark. with a tiger print on it 😉

for a few nights as i was busy cross-stitching away, a few friends msn-ed me and asked 'what are you so busy with?' and when i replied i was cross-stitching, a few of them were shocked.

"HUH? since when you cross-stitch?!"

"you gotta be kidding!"

"yeah right!"

"since when have you became domesticated?!"

"are you trying to do a jenny?!"

doh. tmd. i dont look like the kind meh? (i asked 10 peeps, and all said no. TMD TMD TMD!). anyway after a few hours, i finished it.

the almost completed work. (i added his name in here, can't really show it to the world, aye? else my anonymous superhero will be revealed. LOL! inside joke :P)

so there! my first ever cross-stitch work done. 🙂 i know its rather untidy and its quite small but its my first attempt! 😛

but tmd, i think he's more pleased with the shiranui akatsuki gundam model (ROAR!) that i got for him as a surprise instead. thanks to a certain kn who helped me plan the surprise. 😛

alrighty. time to start on my 2nd cross-stitching project. for myself this time! i will be taking a short break from blogging. ran out of juice after the daily accounts, plus the heaps of work to settle @ work... and i have not started unpacking. will be replying your comments soon! 😉

take care all!


finally back. and its tmd hot here. i was sweating (and don't u idiots say 'only pigs sweat!' humans do sweat. dont u fucking argue with me!) like mad when i came out of the airport. i miss brisbane's weather already!

got home say an hour ago? am kinda disappointed that i missed out doing some stuff in aussie. but most of all... i miss the silly boy the most. 🙁

time for me to concuss and slowly unpack. take care!

ps: i will be removing the tagboard. spyware!


Nad says: Bye bye Aussie... HELLO Singapore and cheap food!

Nad luggage was only 17.4 KG! Even though the luggage was stuffed to the max.

Nad will also only be arriving in Singapore 7pm!

Tiger is sad, cos tiger already misses nad.

You know Im such a fool for you
You got me wrapped around your finger
Do you have to let it linger
Do you have to, do you have to
Do you have to let it linger