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A: so why didn't you?
B: what's the point? i didn't want to lose another friend.
A: but what if it could have something different?
B: then... i'll leave it up to fate.

there are many what-ifs in life. sometimes we tend to wonder what if things had happened differently, if we had not done something, or if we had tried something, would things have happened so much differently?

sometimes i catch myself wondering, 'what if?'. and i hate it. cause no one will be able to answer that question. not even myself.

we tend to be stucked at crossroads most of the times and have to make decisions. some may be easy, some may not be.

but the important thing is to never regret your decision, for usually there are no second chances. you made your bed, now you will have to lie in it. my motto in life? 'carpe diem! seize the day!'.

i never want to ponder on what if things had happened differently, i never want to regret not trying something out. thus i try to grab the opportunity whenever it comes by. because i hate the 'what ifs?'. there is no end to it.

so... next time, when your stuck, just go for it. dont regret not trying anything in life. i may still wonder what would the outcome be should i have taken a different crossroad in life, but at least, i wont regret my decision.

i hope.

part of the lyrics from "Someday We'll Know" (Mandy Moore feat. Jonathan Foreman)

So many questions, I need an answer
Two years later you're still on my mind

Is true love just once in a lifetime?

Oh, Someday we’ll know, If love can move a mountain
Someday we’ll know, Why the sky is blue
Someday we’ll know, Why I wasn’t meant for you...

Someday we’ll know, Why Samson loved Dalilah?
One day I'll go, Dancing on the moon
Someday you’ll know, That I was the one for you....

If I can ask God just one question... Why aren’t you here with me tonight?

and yes, i wonder what would have happened, if i had.....


cny is sooooo boring! tv is showing re-runs! i got so bored that i stalked my cats and got them so frustrated with me...

check out the amount of oranges... this is just a quarter of them...

where are my oranges?

then took many pictures of my cats.... to the point that they scratched me. -_-"

meow meow!

more pics here!

meowmeow again!

got so bored that decided to go to town to utilise the rest of my pepper lunch vouchers... everywhere was so deserted. like a ghost town! and pepper lunch is closed! -__-"

i finally managed to take pictures of the nice background at the underpass in orchard!


narcisstic me

i love the background! yes yes. i know its dumb. but its so pweeeeety!.... *bimbo nad*

hope tomorrow wont be so boring.... open shops! open!


imagine my surprise when i got a message from my boss that i was given some food vouchers.... infact, $60 worth of food vouchers. pepper lunch to be exact.

the catch? of course it comes with a catch. everything comes with a catch!

vouchers with a catch!

the expiry date is 31 january. HAH. doesnt matter to me. i dont go visiting, so i have lotsa time. 😉

went with tiger to watch "memoirs of a geisha". not bad not bad. he says its not fun when i know whats gonna happen. no element of surprise. hahahaaa.

so off we headed to pepper lunch for dinner! STEAK! yum. i ordered the double hamburger steak while tiger ordered the hamburger steak with meat combo. we decided to try the miso soup and the icecream which resembled mr softee from 7-11.


tiger, being a pepper lunch virgin, didnt manage to cook his meat properly. tsk tsk. next time, pay more attention to the food! hahahaaa. the soup tasted weird. had a bit of the burnt taste. while the icecream was extremely sweet. yummy and extremely sinful too!

it was extremely crowded on friday. i wanted to do a bit of shopping, but was turned off by the crowd. thankfully i managed to grab a few pieces....

and today, it was the extreme opposite of yesterday. it was like a ghost town. shops closed early and there wasnt much people around. :(. i foresee an extremely boring cny for myself.

imagine my surprise today, when tiger's dad surprised me with an angbao. and i didnt even give him any oranges to 'bai nian'. SO PAISEH!


really sweet! my first angbao from a boyfriend's parents! 😉

and silly tiger implored me to open the angbao to check the amount. he says if its a miserable amount, it means that his dad doesnt approve of me and if it was more than $10, means either his dad approves of me or that his dad has given up hope on him and settled on me. -_-"

anyway, i was shocked and extremely happy. 😉 wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! his dad approves of me! 🙂


a pic taken a few weeks ago... but since its orange... tot would suit the cny colours, (AS LONG AS ITS NOT RED!)


argh. get it over and done with already!

the colour red is killing me and the chinese new year songs are getting on my nerves. always the same dong qiang dong qiang!!!! grrr. infact, i retreated from a shop, when i heard its tacky cny songs.

always bring my ipod, i reminded myself.

cny songs are worse than xmas songs!!!! dont get me wrong, i love cny.

whats there not to love? think about it, cny has bak kwa, yusheng, long holidays, waxed duck, cute pictures of dogs everywhere and mandarin oranges. (which i dunno why the hell, someone gave my mum 2 CARTONS OF MANDARIN ORANGES!, we dont even celebrate cny!)

happy chinese new year!

but the colour red everywhere and the dong dong dong qiang really has to go.


here's wishing everyone a happy chinese new year! enjoy yourselves during this festive period, and save some bak kwa for me please. hongbaos too, if your married.

gong xi fa cai! hongbao nalai! 😉