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so.. i picked up my "costume" today...

and suddenly i was contemplating in NOT using it and going as my school girl look. i found my sec school uniform and it still fits! (though i had to make it a bit longer and my tummy area is as tight as hell)

perhaps ill use my costume for zouk with mrkennychan (who is gonna kill me for posting that nerdy pic of him... awwwww.. but u know i <3 you right? hahahahaahaa. *cough*... i suspect some rather jealous girls will be stalking me soon!)

argh. i cant decide between my costumes! one is sweet as hell but impractical and one is easy to move in but boring.


cant decide! which should i be? coincidentally both costumes are blue. LOL!

not only do i have to decide between my costumes, evil barney has passed me a meme to do! grrrr. since he has indirectly said that i turn him on, i guess, it will be only right that i do his meme. (plus the fact, he is gonna intro many of his yummilicious friends to me!)

the meme is called 'five things' and im supposed to state 5 random facts about yours truly.. but but. i did a random fact thing about myself a long time ago!

so here goes...

1) i was a tomboy (infact i still am!)

seems like people think i'm so "gu-niang" but infact yours truly is a super tomboy. i was in NPCC in secondary school. back then, the girls had to do the same amount of physical abuse exercise as the guys. if the NCO says that the guys have to do 50 push-ups, 50 sit-ups and 50 jumping jacks, the girls will have to do the same. and i mean boys style push-ups. and i could do so back then (sigh! i was fit then. now everything just wobbles. no more muscles!). we had camps and what nots. and i was dressed in trackpants and pe shirts all the time back then. i went trekking and what nots with the guys and i always hung out with the guys. didnt use makeup, didnt wear heels then. lol!

2) i have lots of fetishes..

such as:-

the stubble. discovered when i was with my ex. i <3 the feeling of stubble (must be sharp!) on my shoulder. itchy, scratchy but i like. heh.

guys who has a great voice. i absolutely adore guys who have a great voice. a great command of english (perhaps due to the fact, i only speak english) and a great accent. come to think about it. all my exes had great voices. heh. the voice turns me on. LOL!

the smell of the sun. i love the sundried smell. i would hang my clothes out for a long time and sniff them after that. hahahaa!

3) i dont drink coffee or tea at all.

i detest the taste of coffee or tea because their bitter. usually i dont take hot drinks anyway.

4) i always wanted to be more of a left-brainer.

as per my previous post, i always wanted to be more artistic and creative. i cant sing, cant dance, cant play any musical instruments... think im lacking me left brain.

5) i had an operation this year

early this year i went to remove my tonsils. reason being i have been getting reocurring tonsilitis for the past 3 years. about 4 times a year? which is rather bad. considering i have a low threshold of pain, i hated the operation, i hated the recovering process. i had to eat only cold stuff for 2 weeks, like cold porridge and icecream. but surprisingly, i recovered fast. mind over body. =)

time for me to be evurl now. im passing this meme to:-

- jaywalk (i want my china redbull!)
- selena (are you back from shanghai yet?!?!?!)
- gigi (muahahahaa. bae yong jin AINT cute!)
- curiousgeorge (just because i miss you!)
- sunshin3 (because, everyone needs some sunshin3! hahaha)

there u go barney! i have done your meme. where's the yummilicious friend of yours?

shucks! what am i gonna wear tomorrow?!?!?


tmd. i tried persuading mrkennychan to go to the party with me. tried asking, persuading, enticing, tricking and teh-ing him to go.

and guess what he said? 'why would i go to a party full of nerds? you guys will probably talk about html codes, source codes and dunno what other nonsense!'

TMD! he thinks people who blog = nerds. DO I RESEMBLE A NERD IN ANYWAY TO YOU?

nerdy nadnut

erm. perhaps i do. but but... im an attractive nerd! (erm. some nerds are ugly. im average, thus ill be an attractive nerd. )

but look what i found! LOOK WHOSE NERDIER NOW!

nerdy mrkennychan


and he said the bsc gang who blogs are all nerds too! you are soooooooooooooo dead!

pls: he meant it jokingly and without any offense. dont kill him k? (only i can do it. heh) and i think that retarded pic of him is gonna kill him anyway. wahahhaahahaa.

revenge is sweet!


had a SINFUL buffet dinner with mrkennychan yesterday. so sinful that i dont think i can fit in my costume for the party anymore.

while gobbling food yesterday, we were discussing about going to zouk's halloween party... we were brainstorming for cheap and good costumes (i didnt wanna reuse my costume for zouk. i do WANNA dance in zouk. wahhaahah) and i realised that somebody has a fetish of seeing girls tying their hair into 2 ponytails and plaits.

*cough* jap schoolgirls fetish *cough*

and he still has the cheek to suggest that i dress up as britney spears in the video 'hit me baby one more time'.


but the schoolgirl costume does sound interesting. i suggested that we crossdress. ill wear the boy's uniform and vice versa. unfortunately.... somebody aint sporting. bleah.

alright. ill go search for my uniform. unfortunately, i have gained a considerable amount of weight since 5 years ago, doubt i will be able to fit in it....

i'm a happy lil camper!

i took leave the whole of next week (excluding the public holidays of course!). time to be a pig!