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early this year, i blogged about this...

what does 2005 mean to you?

hmmm... early part of the year, i was planning for my 21st birthday party and fretting over the operation. then i had my first ever operation, to remove the damn tonsils.

i then spent 2 weeks recovering from the operation... eating only cold plain porridge and icecream..

i had my 21st birthday party and there was tooooo much food. thankfully, due to my operation, i didnt kena hoot by my friends 😛

my boyfriend left for australia for studies... and
i spent a lonely valentine's day...

tried yoga... liked it but was too expensive for me...

showed the middlefinger on me blog for the first time. muahahaha. 😛

took up salsa...

the bf decided to spring a most depressing surprise by dumping me when i bought tickets to visit him.

changed haircolour, phone and acquired a middle name...

i switched jobs and started working for a travel agency... and i got an interview with my dream job. got the job and job-hopped.

started wrting short stories...

lusted over men in uniform..and married man.. didnt do anything la!!!

fell in love with phuket... gorgeous beaches, great fun and cheap clothes.. got bitten by a monkey though =(

played jackpot and won $100! hahahaa. cheap thrill!

took up many vices... too much drinking, clubbing, smoking and flirting... *shrugs* and was offered a fling. -_-"

joined the cowboybar...

prefers buffet rather alacarte. *cough*

fell in love with duckie's car... vrooom vrooom wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

found out about oasis... good clean fun~

went on a month long no redbull bet and won! 😉

was "the bachelorette" for one of the cowboybar's silly games... LOL

spilled all on my race and religion...

showed a picture of my pussy on me blog...

failed my flirting course 😛

went for a short break to bintan with the barflies..

a case of sexual harrassment... men are jerks!

tried cycling and iceskating out this year...

went to watch quidam! i loved it!

the first halloween party that i helped organise...

dressed up as a schoolgirl for another halloween party... pretty successful, i must say.

finally got my confirmation!

stalked poor barney. *cough*

became an 'agent'...

GAINED 4KG! tmd.

played with cowboycaleb's cork. *cough*

my first romantic chrismas 🙂

wow. looks like a lot happened this year.... muahahaha. lets hope for a better year. =)

new year resolutions?

here are my new year resolutions..

- to lose the 4kg that i have piled on.
- to exercise at least once a fortnight (more realistic than once a week)
- to take things easy. if break, break lor. no more depressive nonsense.
- to get a good performance bonus 😛
- to save more money
- to cut down on clubbing, drinking and dirty dancing.
- NOT to pick up smoking again.. perhaps cigars instead? muahahaaa
- to get more sleep!

hahaa. tats abt it for now...

happy new year!!!!


I AM FUCKING ANGRY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i hate taichi masters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

taichi master

the taichi master pushes all her work to everyone else.
the taichi master claims credit for the work when someone else is doing it.
the taichi master is a BITCH.
the taichi master smiles sweetly but has an EVURL heart.
the taichi master doesnt ever do anything!

i need to kill myself soon. SO MANY THINGS TO BE DONE AT WORK! why everything pass to me!!!!!!!!!!!!! do i look like an octopus? do i look like i have 8 hands?

argh! how to handle so many things?!?!?! and all to be done NOW NOW NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nabei. tmd. i need to kick some asses.

you know what irks me? people who say things like 'oh. its like that one. working world like that. if you go other industries it will be worse off lor. your an executive. you are expected to get the work done no matter what. executives dont expect to get paid ot or what'

FUCK LAH. if you have nothing nice to say. DONT SAY ANYTHING!


she sat at the cafe alone. watching couples, families and friends enjoying themselves in the festive period. somehow or rather, she always felt more alone during Christmas. it was a melancholic period for her. she always tend to reflect on the past years and what she has accomplished throughout her life.

it seems that she has not accomplished much nor anything spectacular in her life. she has a job same as many others. she has plenty of friends but how many of them would be there during hard times for her? in otherwords, how many of them were true friends?

she wished for a little magic this year. to give her the warm feeling in her heart that she was lacking. something to cheer her up and to look forward to every year...


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