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today was ndp preview.

everything was ok... sad to say tat i didnt enjoy ndp as much as i did in previous years. management problem. hmmm. anyway, its my last chance to be a motivator so oh well.

side track abit. thanks dear for de cat pics! so sweet~

tired out after de long day. had sad news. suppose to have a part time job on wed as a game marshall (practically wat i did in attachment) and suddenly juz got news tat they want ppl 1.6m and above.

like wat de fuck? sheesh. ok fine, im short but i can do de job lor... and its juz a one day stint. well fuck it, dun do. hmmph. the events company, u are in my black book from now on.

anyway, gonna end of tis entry simple and short, photoblogging later. heh.


Juz got back home after de handover... officially stepped down my post and on monday will clear out my pigeon hole... decided to post up my reflection i did up for de newsletter... how i feel totally...

My years in Business Studies Clubรขโ‚ฌยฆ

I never regreted a single moment in Business Studies Club, for this is where I have mould my character to who I am now, to learning many management skills, to meeting many different types of people. I have made many friends in BSC who have changed my life.

I remember the times when I entered school as freshmen, week zero orientation totally changed my life. From all the silly games and the cheerfulness of the Synergy Leaders, I opened up a lot and made many new friends. This inspired me to join school activities and play an active role in school. For without being touched, I would not have fully experienced the polytechnic life.

I then signed up to be a SL, which I was chosen to be in the program committee. From joining the program committee, I realized it was not only about fun, I had to plan games and format plans, so that the coming freshmen would enjoy themselves as much as I have done. From here, I met many people who touched my life. I loved being in a committee where everyone was just like family members. We had so much fun together and I learnt many lessons in life.

From there, I decided to run for elections to be a main committee member, where I could play a bigger role in activities and be a part of a committee that brought so much to the students. I had two mentors who I had to thank for it was they who shaped me to who I am now, who believed in me and guided me when I was unsure. Elliott Charles William Danker who I worked with as my president. It was he who guided me, a new vice president without any experience, and gave me many opportunities. To Tay Kok Ling, who was a faithful friend, who made me smile when I was down and thought I would never make it.

It was a fateful year for BSC that year as SARS had hit Singapore and many projects were scraped. We felt the pain when all the hard work had come to waste but we never gave up. The next year, I decided to run for BSC again as I had acquired a thirst for doing events. Though most of the committee members were on Student Internship Programmes, we put in extra effort, stayed back late after work and managed to chalk up an impressive amount of projects this year. I have to thank my president Colin Ng as it was he who came up with innovative ideas and was the backbone of BSC.

As the year came to an end with the latest project, Week Zero Orientation, many of us especially I, who felt the pain in leaving BSC. For there would be never a moment where we could be in such a great event and churning out great results. Though we may come by and visit, I really would miss the times planning and organizing events.

I would miss the experiences of late night debriefs, coming up with innovative ideas, the lack of sleep, the anticipation when a project is near, the long long meetings because everything was worth it.

If I could have a chance to relive the moment, I would. BSC has changed my life forever and I wish I can stay.

But unfortunately, I would have to move on.

To the following people, I would have to thank you guys for being a part of my life.

BSC AY 02/03 :- Elliott, Jenny, Qiuling, Mira, Michelle, Yahui, Lester, Kokling, Desheng, Selena, Colin, Conan, George and Jeff.

BSC AY 03/04 :- Colin, Lester, Jenny, Ariel, Nixon, Mira, Gini, Conan, Eddie, Loy, Mingren, Aya, Siwei and Kenny.

Advisors :- Mr Gary Lin, Mr Sng C.L. , Mr Ferlin, Mr Albert Toh and Mrs Lily Lim.

Director of Business School :- Mr Yeo Li Pheow

Previous Director of Business School :- Mr Wong Loke Jack

CM-Law and respective lecturers.

Sub committee members, Synergy Leaders and Freshies.

Lets continue being a part of BSC. Spread on the spirit of BSC and continue the tradition.

Forever BSC.

Always a member of BSC,

Vice President AY 02/03
Honorary Treasurer AY 03/04
BSC supporter forever


things tat make me smile... (or make me radiant)
  • waking up late (when i can afford too)
  • extra cash to buy stuff..
  • waking up with my chicken leg all snuggled up to me < --- doesnt apply anymore..
  • a good book tat i can read on a boring day..
  • a good manicure..
  • mum cooking my fave dishes..
  • lazing a whole day and feeling everything is going rite.
  • spending time with my lazydeer..
  • getting a 'i miss u' or 'i love u' from a special someone
  • looking at my ring.
  • 'up to you'
  • kenny. he juz makes me laff with his corny jokes. my wonderful brother.
  • photoshoots. (nice ones!)
  • geting 'lobangs' for well-paid part time work (one-day kinds)
  • a good movie
  • snuggled up with lazydeer..
  • reading archies..
  • taking pictures...
  • with my silly frens ie: clique, bsc peeps especially mira cuckoo! ๐Ÿ˜›
  • supper...
  • blogging!
  • being wined and dined..
  • a good compliment
  • clubbing!
  • tats abt it for de time being. ๐Ÿ™‚

    things tat get on me bad side...

    • stupid ppl
    • rude comments
    • ppl who fly my kite
    • bad food
    • when i oversleep and i have to take a cab!
    • ppl nagging at me!
    • the fact tat chicken leg aint here anymore and i cant get used to it. :'(
    • tonsilitis/coughs/flu
    • tension migraines
    • periods. (who doesnt hate them)
    • broken finger/toe nails!
    • being broke
    • being insomniac
    • having me fone cut off (like its forever!)

    guess i should be happy i have more happy stuff than bad stuff. :). damn after supper with ken (thanks for sending me home!), im hungry again and cant get to sleep! ๐Ÿ™

    handover meeting tomolo. will miss everyone. on a happier note, next week got lobang to work for a day! woot! $$$$$. money from justdate not in yet. ๐Ÿ™ . oh well. pics for me chalet up soon. though its quite low turnout, i enjoyed it. and thanks to everyone who attended. u sure made my day. ๐Ÿ™‚

    love u guys!