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eugene had fell down again. he always did. his collection of scars were getting larger and larger.

he stumbled again. everytime he fell, he got up clumbsily. he believed he will walk one day without falling.

everytime he fell, though it may hurt, he never cried out. he didnt want anyone to hear his pain.

for a period of time, he felt happy, he stumbled a few times but he havent fell.

there was hope.

one day, he fell down.

he wept. the first emotion he truely shown. he wept so hard. for, it was the hardest fall he had taken.

the wounds were deep. real deep.

he havent fell so down for sometime that he had forgotten the feeling.

he felt despair. was this how it would be always? falling down, getting up and falling down again? it was such a vicious cycle.

he made up his mind.

he decided not to get up again.

it was too much for him. hope was no longer with him anymore.

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