always being bullied?

wanna take revenge?

why not hire a hitman!

read tis from here!

lazy to go there?

here’s de info…

Hi this is a Hit-Men Organisation which allows people like you to become a Hit-Man to earn Some extra Cash * Most importantly HELP the weak and often-bullied.*

We encourage people(Fighters) to join our Organisation who wants to earn money by helping people who are frequently bullied or wants to take revenge on certain people but do not have to chance or guts to.

This Trade works like this —> people of all ages, race & sex join this company by adding me at ( then you can specify if you wanna become a hitman by e-mailing me.

* Please state your name & ways that i can contact you.

* People who are often bullied or want to take revenge on a certain person can also e-mail me and tell me the particulars of the person you wanna HIT and the amount you are willing to pay my Hit-Men. (Min-$50)

*****All Informations given will be under our Private Policy and always kept Confidential.*****

Job Nature:
– part-time/sideline
– freelance/contract
– internship


wahhaa. dun bully me hor. else i call hitman!

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