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It's way past day 28 of my cycle. It's like day 31 of my cycle? As usual, Aunt Red is late. I've been suffering from lots of pimples and blackheads for the last few days due to the mad raging hormones. I'm not happy it's not here! I want my period pronto! (also due to the fact we burn carbs better during our period!)

This is actually the pre-menstrual period, which is basically day 22 - 28 of the cycle. PMS kicks in during this period partly because progesterone continues to dominate the hormone level which is why we suffer from greasier hair and a spotty complexion. For more information about the cycle, do check out the website!

My only remedy so far is to use a mask. My favourite mask would have to be the Kose White Mask (which really is a black mask, I don't get it why they call it a white mask) which some of my female blogger friends recommended.

So that gets rid of the blackheads but the pimples? Any remedies would you recommend? I read that you could use tea tree oil and I'm thinking of trying it. Natural = good right?

Any recommendations?


Because my blog was down recently, I didn't manage to share some secrets of the cycle so here are some really belated secrets! Apologies!

Between the 8th to the 14th day of the cycle, which is the pre-ovulation period is probably the best period of the cycle in my humble opinion.

The oestrogen levels are increasing rapidly at this point and while we benefit from these by having better hair days, being more articulate during this time (schedule all job interviews on day 8!), better memory and  improved mood levels which also means you might feel more flirty and affectionate during this time! I noticed that my hair was looking better a few days ago and I took some pictures! Will post it up soon!

The only bad thing during the pre-ovulation period is that nearing day 13 and 14th, our estrogen levels are increasing which means... our emotions may go a tad haywire at this time. So do be mindful of your emotions, we might be feeling a bit jealous and irritated! I'm currently at day 14! Oh-oh. I keep reminding myself to keep my emotions in line, thankfully, I've been feeling happy all day! 😉

If you like to know more about these days, do leave a note and I'll reply you soon! 😉


Remember my previous entry? Whisper has approached Valerie and yours truly to share interesting tidbits about the secrets of the cycle!

Aside from that, we'll be checking if those secrets prove true! Wanna know when you'll be pmsing? Or when you'll be blessed with better hair days or better sense of smell? I'll be sharing all of these information with you guys!

It's currently the 15th day of my cycle.

The 15th to the 21st day of the cycle is called the Post-Ovulation stage. This is where we usually experience the first signs of PMS.

And boy, did Ching Chong Boy had it bad. I was miffed at him earlier today and was having some drastic mood swings. Now that I know that between the 15 - 18 days of my cycle, I'll be experiencing  irritability, bloating and mood swings, I'll most probably exercise any frustrations I may face between these few days.

Wanna know more secrets of the cycle? Stay tuned to my entries! Aside from that, do check out the website and the Facebook group!