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Aside from the Puma Red in my Head party and the boring F1 practice rounds, I had a fun time at the F1 Rocks concert (tickets courtesy of 24Seven!) and the Johnnie Walker event.

I came late cause.. well.. I didn't care two hoots about the other performances aside from Black Eyed Peas and Beyonce and boy were they great!

Black Eyed Peas especially Fergie and Will.I.Am was fantastic! But seriously... what was Fergie wearing?!

F1 Rocks was great! But it would have been better if they had sold lesser tickets and left the majority of us more space to actually breathe, have a good view and dance.

The next day, the lovely Kenny gave me some invites to the Johnnie Walker Jet Black event and needless to say, I called my fellow "alcoholics" down!

We were basically treated like kings. We had free flow of alcohol and food. And to top it off, a comfortable and lovely live screening of F1.

Aside from that, they were very lovely bartenders making special cocktails and of course, I was happily bioing this bartender.

Not because he was cute.. but because of his lovely tee! I want one!

We had a ball of a time and I have to thank Kenny once again for the tix. Thanks bro!


I don't know about you but I'm so psyched about F1 Rocks! My favourite singers like No Doubt, Beyonce and Black Eyed Peas are coming to SG and I'm dying to see them live!

Sadly, the tickets are a tad expensive for me... but guess what? 24Seven is giving out 2 pairs ofย F1 Rocks tickets worth $390 (for Fri 25th Sep) for 2 lucky bloggers!!!!

Who will be playing on 25th?

No Doubt ( I adore them! I love the song Spiderwebs!)


and many more!

So here's how you can win these tickets!

  1. Post an entry on your blog to tell us why you, of all people deserve to win these F1 Rocks tickets. The most original post will be chosen! Be creative and have fun with your post! Remember to show them how much you desire these tickets!
  2. In your post, insert a link to http://www.visitsingapore.com/sgpseason so that your readers can find out more about the F1 season.
  3. Remember to link to Singapore Blog Press post on the contest atย http://pea.to/f1R
  4. Submit your blog post and your details to the post at Blog Press so that they may contact you via mobile phone if you win.
  5. Each blogger will only be eligible to win 1 pair of the tickets.
  6. Each blog post will earn one chance in the lucky draw, and if you tweet this phrase in your twitter, you'll get an additional chance of winning in the lucky draw - "Win F1 Rocks tickets at http://pea.to/f1R. Contest ends 20th Sep 09. #f1 #f1rocks"
  7. Both winners must attend a blogger F1 Rocks stage tour on 22nd Sept 2009 at 6pm.
  8. Contest runs from 16th Sep to 21st Sep 2359H.
  9. Contest is open to all Singapore Citizens, PRs and Residents.
  10. For more updates, do join Uniquely Singapore fan page on Facebook!

Go go go! Have fun! Do tag here with your blog entries! I'll love to see them!



I found out about this INQmobile phone online via word of mouth. Been hearing about the phone on some blogs and I got so curious that I had to google about it!

Before I tell you how you can stand a chance to win $100 CASH and a $100 shopping voucher, please bear with me while I gush about this phone like a deluded fangirl.

The developers of INQmobile understands the importance of Social Media. They understand that people like you and me who have this obsessive compulsive behaviour where we find a constant need to check our email like hourly and basically bore the rest of the world with our very mundane tweets.

*flicks hair*

WHAT?! Don't judge me! I love the internet and I love sharing tidbits of information (even if they aren't interesting). With the INQmobile, you can update your Twitter and Facebook right on the home screen!

If you're like me, who hates having to log in to each individual account to check your messages, this is another reason why you'll love the INQmobile! ALL messages from Facebook, Skype and Messenger are stored in one location together with your text and picture messages! Think of it as a one-stop centre! Not only that, all of your web and mobile contacts are also shared in one convenient location.

There's also a media player with Last.fm built in. Listen to your favourite playlists on the go!

With the INQmobile, you get to see what your contacts are up to, not in a stalkerish way but you can see if they're online on services like Facebook, Skype or Messenger. In that way, you can choose to contact them in a various amount of ways! I personally prefer msning instead of calling. Heh, cheaper! (Especially if you have a data plan!) Check out http://www.inqmobile.com for more information on the phone.

Sadly, this phone isn't in Singapore. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!

Anyway! Here's how you can win $100 Cash and the shopping voucher!

...continue reading


Sometimes I really hate attending blogger events or in other words where events bloggers get invited too (If you're wondering how to get invited for events, you may want to check out 24seven.) as every time I go for a tech event, I'll be lusting over the products. Grr.

I know most readers are complaining that they're sick of reading about blogger events, I hear you! So instead of blogging about blogger events, I'll be blogging about what gadgets have caught my eye during those events and why I'm lusting over them! I'll be categorising them under different categories like Mobiles, Laptops, Cameras, Others etc.


I've been having my eye on both the Sony Ericsson Xperia 1 and the HTC Diamond.

Hee. That's me playing with the Xperia! Pic obviously stolen from Claudia. ๐Ÿ˜›

I first spotted the Xperia with Claudia and Esther at the SE Event and I was fascinated with it mainly because it really resembles a sidekick. After watching way too many episodes of Gossip Girl, I've been lemming for a sidekick.

The HTC Diamond is another phone that I've been lemming for. To be honest, I would prefer the iPhone but I've already have an iPod Touch and as you guys know, I love manicures and long nails and iPhones are a big nono. I've seen the HTC Diamond and not only does it look beautiful, it's pretty nifty.

Argh. I should not be lusting over any other phones right? I already have my Samsung Innov8. Must resist!


I've been a Sony Fangurl for ages and it's no wonder that I've been attracted to the Sony Vaio. It looks sleek and is super pretty, only thing that was pulling me back was the price.


I've spoken about my love affair with Sony cameras, unfortunately my current baby, the Sony T10 died a few months ago. I've been thinking of getting another Sony camera since after all I'm pretty used to Sony cameras and I have the memory cards.

However... the kind folks at Ogilvy have lent me a few different Canon cameras and I am definitely sure that I want a DSLR!

I've tried the Canon 1000D. The Canon 1000D helps bridges the gap between point and shoots and DSLRs. It's very easy to use and it's at a very comfortable weight for us ladies.

I've used the 1000D to take pictures of Esther and Sabrina at their birthday party and at Bintan during my recent BLR trip and they have turned out great!

But comparing it to the 450D, it actually weighs a lil heavier only but the speed is definitely faster than the 1000D, it also feels less toy-like as compared to the 1000D thus comparing to them both, I would definitely get the 450D.

Aside from that, Ogilvy has also sent over the Canon Digital Ixus 980IS.

I was kind of skeptical over using a Canon P&S (point and shoot) at first as I'm very used to Sony's functions. Surprisingly it's very easy to use and there are a lot of cool functions. Jayden and I were playing with the colour accent function during SMB5 and we even took some videos using it! SMB5 Video will be up later!


I'm also looking for a camcorder, thankfully Daryl will be helping me buy The Flip! Look out for more videos once it's here!

My earphones are almost broken. It's THAT bad. I would love to get new earphones especially the Philips Advanced Acoustics In-ear Headphones. I prefer in-ear headphones as I feel it fits better and it's more comfortable. I've tried these earphones during the Philips event and they're fantastic! There's definitely clearer as compared to other earphones!

I absolutely adore curls and a hair curler would be fantastic for this vainpot. During the Philips event, the kind Loreal folks curled my hair (and the other female bloggers too!) using the Philips SalonCurl Pro Curling Iron and now I want curly hair without perming. Am considering getting a curler.

So many things to buy! ๐Ÿ™ I wonder if Santa would be nice to me this year. hurhur. What's your gadget wishlist like?

Aside from that, thanks to the kind folks that have lent me products to review, invited me for events and all. ๐Ÿ™‚