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33! I feel so old now! As per my yearly tradition, it’s time to summarise my life into one post to see where I’ve failed and where I’ve succeeded.

Work: Been in the same place for a while now. It seems that things will change, with new job roles etc. Let's see how things go 🙂 Honestly, I wished I was a SAHM. So that I can spend more time with Aidan. But with current situation, new house and all, it's pretty tight. Good thing is, I get to go home on time and spend time with family.

Family: I miss my mum a lot! It feels so different after moving out. I talk to my mum everyday but it's just so different. Miss her cooking and Miu Miu a LOT! And as always, Family comes first. Always. 

Love: HAHAHA. Skai isn't the love of my life anymore. Aidan is. I never thought I'll be like this but  I guess it's all about making the best of the situation. I still find other kids irritating HAHAHAA. Honestly, dating and marriage was easy for us. But as parents, there were many times we disagreed on things. It's all about compromising and understanding, or well, trying to understand each other I guess? Aside from that, I have never thought I had so much love to give. I guess, we were lucky that Aidan is such a happy baby. He smiles at us all the time and while he has his moments, it's pretty much all good 🙂 Tiring, but good.

Health: Pregnancy was tough. Motherhood is a challenge. I'm so exhausted all the time. I'm surprised I have kept myself going with the breastfeeding and all but I'll try to continue till I dry up. Hope to hit my goal of 1 year at least. 🙂 I'm definitely healthier now after giving birth considering the lil hiccups during my pregnancy. But the sad thing is my weight gain! Can't seem to lose weight! Boo. Never mind, I'll go on my low-carb diet after I stop breastfeeding!

Friends: Kept those who matter close and distanced myself from those who I felt were toxic. Nothing changed here. 🙂

Blogging: Hello! I've pretty much evolved into a parenting blog!

Thanks to everyone and anyone who has wished me a very happy birthday. As mentioned every year: birthdays just symbolises another year closer to the grave (to me). So love like you have never loved before, eat like you have never eaten before, live life like every day is your last.




So, my first Chinese New Year as a parent has passed. (Last year not counted, was preggers lah, but not a full fledged mother, ya know?)

Here's the difference between before having a kid and after.

Buying clothes.

Before having Aidan:

Simply just buying clothes and 'trying' to not clash with the hubby. E.g. If he wears green, I'll try not to wear red. We don't want to look like Christmas together.

After having Aidan:

MATCH EVERY FREAKING THING! Priority was Aidan. Finding clothes for him etc. I chose a red plaid shirt with jeans for him. After that, I chose an outfit to match him. DID NOT INTEND TO HAVE A FAMILY THEMED OUTFIT.

But the hubby felt left out and went to go buy a red plaid top. JIN KAYPOH SIA.

Getting ready.

Before having Aidan:

It used to take an hour max for us to get ready. One hops into the shower first, the other snoozes. After that, all rush to get ready and we can leave immediately.

After having Aidan:

Everything that can go wrong, WILL go wrong. Alarm set to go off at least two hours before we're supposed to leave the place.

Unfortunately when the alarm goes off, Aidan decided to latch. for a long time. After latching, tried to go bathe him, he cried. Have to pacify him. Play with him again. Finally can bathe him.

Dressed him up, bow tie too tight. Remove bowtie. Put aside watch for him to wear.

Took turns to shower while ensuring Aidan is in a good mood. Packed diaper bags and double check, triple check that nothing is left out.

About to head out, Aidan decides to latch again. Delayed. Aidan latches while mama cradles him. Daddy looks annoyed.

Finally after Aidan is done, we rush to the door. After locking the gate, we smelled something funny. Went back in. Poonami. Changed diaper.

Rushed out. Forgot the damn watch. Reached in-laws place an hour late.


Before having Aidan:

Relatives hinting/nagging about having kids.

After having Aidan:

Relatives loving Aidan and keeps carrying him, playing with him, smiling with him.

Small talk.

Before having Aidan:

Awkward conversation, small mundane talk. Stares at tidbits when there's nothing much to say.

After having Aidan:

Uses baby to make conversation. Uses baby to distract.


Before having Aidan:

Gives all the angbaos to all the kids, unmarried people etc

After having Aidan:

Collects some angbaos back. FINALLY! Relatives laugh when Aidan picks up the angbaos himself. I DID NOT TEACH HIM THAT!

Overall, this year Chinese New Year was extremely pleasant. Maybe because of the fact that we have Aidan, he was quite well-behaved.

But I know things will change. More questions will be posed to us in future years and Aidan will be running around like the monkey he is.

How was your Chinese New Year? Here are some pics we took this New Year!

CNY EVE - Aidan's first Lohei


CNY DAY 1 theme - red plaid and denim!







CNY DAY 2 - rompers theme (Daddy's not involved)





CNY DAY 3 - Yellow theme (Daddy's not involved)





Thanks Sarah for giving me the idea on such a post! <3

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2016 is coming to an end. Soon we will be ushering in 2017. Have you guys thought about what you've done in 2016?

For today's post, as per last year's, I'm going to "throwback" major events (good and bad) in my life in 2016! Here are my 4 Major Things That Happened To Me in 2016!

1. Had such a nasty renovation nightmare.


For those who know, we had such a huge reno nightmare that dragged over 17 weeks. Lesson learnt: Some friends can't be trusted. Especially if they tell you that they don't need to have your quotation in full details. We trusted a supposed friend who basically was a bastard thru and thru. Lies were spun. But because we didn't want to be calculative and asked for everything to be in details (like he told us can trust him with his quotation that did not have measurements), we really had to pay a huge price. Basically trusting him means we have no evidence to prove what he said. After everything, we found out how a few other friends were also screwed over. Oh well, huge lesson learnt!

Karma will bite the asshole in the ass. By the way, quality renovation my ass. Our shower screen shattered in less than 6 months, show cabinet laminate bubbled, painting cracked. If you do need a recommendation for a nightmare renovation with bad quality, let me know. I can point you in the right direction. Terrible Killer Hawrible experience indeed.

2. Finally moved into #nadskaihome after Chinese New Year.


After all the nonsense, we finally moved in after Chinese New Year. We only managed to keep the place clean and well, Pinterest worthy till Aidan was born. After baby, the place is a huge nightmare. OH MY TIAN.

We love having a place of our own. Cooking, watching movies, enjoying time together. While Punggol does need time getting used to, I have begun to love this ulu place. Only wished that my bff was staying closer to me so that I could see her as often as we were staying at our parents' place!

3. Got sucked into the cult of Tula and Ju Ju Be.



Being a mother opens up a huge world of shopping. Babywearing and diaper bags are like my life now. It's crazy. Mad crazy. It's easy to get so addicted coupled with the fact that I'm such a huge Tokidoki lover in the first place, I'm totally suckered. Needless to say, had to drag a few good friends down with me. Hurhur.

4. Never knew that I had so much love to give.



While having a gremlin child was never in my plans, I guess it's different once it's yours. (Gosh, I sound so hypocritical). It's more forgivable when it's yours I guess? HAHAHA. I love watching Aidan grow. I gape in wonder at his milestones. I smile and coo when he does the silliest things. My heart feels like it's going to burst whenever I wake up to his smiles. Needless to say, I worry too. I guess like my gynae mentioned, you'll never stop worrying as a parent.

That's the 4 Major Things That Happened to Me in 2016. How was yours? I'm looking forward to 2016! Hope FINALLY we can get our home ready!

I would love to thank everyone for being supportive of You've followed my journey from the frivolous camwhoring days to getting engaged to losing weight to planning for my wedding to my honeymoon exploits to getting pregnant to giving birth and now having Aidan! I have never regretted blogging as I loved sharing my experiences. It's more of a Nadia's Lifestyle Blog rather than a Singapore Lifestyle Blog. LOL.

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As a full time working mother, I hardly have time for myself. Coupled with the fact that Aidan is sticky, and I'm a clingy mama, I hardly find time to blog, exercise or elaborate skincare routines. It’s really tough being a working mother. In addition to being a mother – which is tough enough as is! – I’m also working at the same time.

When I do things such as head out for a dinner with girlfriends or out for a yoga class, I'll feel extremely guilty leaving Aidan behind with my husband/mother-in-law/mother. It feels like I'm neglecting him to enjoy, you know?

Same goes with say blogging at home or taking time to do elaborate skincare routines. When Aidan sees me and if I'm not attending to him, he tends to cry badly. Especially now that he is teething. He is extremely cranky.

I'm not complaining, I enjoy every moment with him. Just that, I hardly have time for myself. But yet, I feel 'sad' that I no longer have time for myself. My skin, nails and hair has taken such a backseat as compared to last time. I never ever had my roots grow out back then nor have I ever not indulged in a good mask weekly. Working late nights and staying up late for baby has worsened my eye bags and dark eye circles. I also find that my frown lines have deepened – this must be because I’m under constant stress and worries most of the time.

Now? I touch up my hair like once in 3 months? (in comparison to every 3 weeks back then) and I have not seen a facial mask since I gave birth. I mean, how the heck can I ever find time to lie back and relax for a good twenty minutes? LOL. I also feel that my skin has looked a tad worse for wear these days. 🙁

I was glad to have been introduced to the Olay's latest launch, the Olay Regenerist Miracle Duo. The duo consists of the Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essense and the Olay Regenerist Micro-sculpting cream.


What I like about these products is that it's easy and fast to use.

The Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence


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Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream


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I read that it is the result of over 50 years of Olay research and formulated with the most concentrated Amino-Peptide Complex and Hydra-Firming Complex to lift, firm and micro-sculpt your look for younger looking skin.


I used this after using the Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence! Aside from renewing the skin's surface layer, it also helps reducing wrinkles and fine lines. It also helps hydrates the skin to help plump and firm skin! Perfect for my dry skin!


Can't wait to see how my skin will improve after prolong usage of the products!

The Olay products that I've shared is available in popular stores such as Guardian and Watsons stores, and also here on Lazada!

Thank you Nuffnang and Olay for sending these products to me!

By the way, I did a simple video for Olay recently. Do check it out here!

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This is a Thursday's Travels - Anything about previous, current and future (upcoming) travel exploits entry under my Singapore Travel Blog themed blog posts! For more info about the themed blog posts, do read the entry here.

While BFF and I were researching for our trip last year, we had decided that we wanted the hanbok experience. We wanted to wear a hanbok and walk along the streets in Korea.

I mean, we could buy a hanbok and bring it home but when will we wear it? Might as well rent a hanbok and have the full experience in Korea.

After doing some research, we came across Oneday Hanbok which allowed us to rent a hanbok in Korea. Plus the hanbok was great to cover my baby bump then! (was about 5-6 months pregnant, if I remembered correctly)

nadnut korea

Oneday Hanbok was conveniently located at one of the train stations.

nadnut korea

nadnut korea

Photo 25-10-15, 12 02 48 PM

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