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Skai and I were planning for a holiday with Aidan, our toddler and we were thinking of a few destinations. We had visited Genting earlier this year via coach and was thinking of a cruise. Both Skai and I have visited cruises in the past and we loved the all-inclusiveness of cruises. Aidan was about 18 months old and have been eating solids. We thought that the cruise would be perfect for him. Meals were taken care of and if he needs his naps, we could go for it anytime!

We decided to book the Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Seas cruise. Here's our experience with our toddler!






Here's my experience with Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Seas with a 18 month old toddler and my suggested things to do!

1. Request for a playpen or any toys earlier.

Although Aidan still co-sleeps with us, we felt a playpen would be useful and it did! There were times where one of us was with Aidan and needed to use the washroom etc, we felt safe with Aidan in the playpen.

We had also brought a few toys so during playtime, Aidan played in the playpen with them.

Pro-tip: You can borrow toys from the Royal Babies & Tots nursery. As we brought our own, we decided to give this a miss so that other parents could borrow them!

2. Choose a good room.




We chose a room with a balcony which cost a bit more but we felt was a good move. It felt more spacious plus it was nice dining out in the balcony.




I think Aidan also found it interesting as he kept looking at the sea. Just to take note to always keep the balcony doors locked!


Pro-tip: Room service is chargeable except for breakfast. Do take the opportunity to order breakfast in bed! Or well, by the balcony for us!

3. Enjoy your food options.




Mariner of the Seas has a great variety of food options. While most people may prefer the buffet options at Windjammer, Skai and I love having our meals at the Main Dining Hall. Reason being, there are kids options there and having a dedicated server was extremely lovely.





Our server remembered our preferences and always prepared Aidan's meals in advance. And as fellow parents will know, feeding the kid first will save your sanity. HAHA. We did try out the food options at Windjammer etc but the Main Dining Hall was our personal favourite.




There are also cafes all around the cruise areas where they serve snacks such as hotdogs, pizza and ice-cream. Perfect for munchies!


Pro-tip: There are packet milk at Windjammer. Suitable for your kiddos. Also ask for the kids menu at the Main Dining Room. You can also make special requests for your meals e.g. without salt etc.

4. Take naps when needed.

While there are plenty of activities on board, please take things slow. Especially with a toddler. When needed, just take a nap. That's the whole point of traveling on a cruise, I felt!



Never ever fight the zzz monster. You'll just end up with a cranky kiddo.

5. Try out the various indoor activities.







Lots of interesting activities! We brought Aidan to watch various shows from magic shows to a 3D movie to lots of singing performances! His favourite would have to be the ice-skating show! It was amazing how he was captivated from start to finish. He got a bit restless at the 3D Batman Lego movie though so I conclude he loves live performances!

There are activities for everyone. Plenty of lovely shows, parades and activities!

6. Have fun at the outdoor activities.







While some of the activities were not suitable for Aidan e.g. like the rock-climbing and tennis, we made do! We had fun at the mini golf while I do not think Aidan knew what was going on, he had fun just playing!

7. Top up for experiences.






I know that cruises are all-inclusive and some people may not feel inclined topping up. But seriously, some experiences are really worthwhile! We topped up for the Dreamworks breakfast where we had a special breakfast menu and got to meet and enjoy performances from some of the Dreamworks characters!

Pro-tip: The Bottomless Galley Tour was extremely value for money. Free-flow of champagne and delicious food. Must go for the alcoholics! Aside from that, it's also worthwhile topping up for some meals. We got the steak and Skai loved it! On some days, there are special promos for meals, keep a look out for it!

8. Just have fun!










Most of all, have fun! Don't sweat the small stuff especially traveling with a toddler. There are days/moments that won't be as ideal but don't let those moments spoil the rest of your trip!

We really enjoyed our Royal Caribbean experience! Mariner of the Seas was a great experience and I can't wait to go try the other Royal Caribbean cruises.

Definitely a great family holiday and I highly recommended for family holidays especially with kids. Toddler and above would be ideal! Here's just our humble sharing of our Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Seas Cruise experience with a toddler.

Have you ever been on a Royal Caribbean cruise? If so, tell me what's your favourite experience! ūüėÄ

For those who were asking, you can find out more about Royal Caribbean at

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Again, this mummy is tardy blogging. Been extremely exhausted as of late!

Here are Aidan's milestones since hitting 18 and 19 months old!

  • For his 18th months, we brought Aidan to a cruise! His first ever trip on a boat, an extremely large one hahaha. He enjoyed himself and loved all the activities! Will definitely share more on this soon!
  • He is still extremely energetic, which is why I can hardly stay up after his bedtime (I know most of my mummy blogger friends blog after their kiddos bedtimes). I usually latch Aidan to sleep and tend to sleep when he does. Personally I don't believe in forcing his bedtime. I know some friends had suggested the 'cry it out' method but that is too painful for us. Like weaning, I leave it up to Aidan. We can provide a suitable environment but we will not force.
  • Meltdown central at times. Especially when things do not go his way. Terrible twos are coming HAHAHAH.
  • He is so manja which I love. He kisses our face all the time. LOVE IT.
  • He is still very sociable. No separation anxiety or stranger danger so far. Loves to run up to people and play, grab their hands or hug them.
  • He loves to play with other kids... however most of the times, the older kids do not want to play with him. LOL.
  • Very active, always gesturing around, touching things, digging items. Hard to get him to sit down and concentrate.
  • He still latches to sleep. I have actually stopped pumping at the 18 month mark but am still latching him.
  • He is so slim now! Pretty much lost most of his baby fats!

So far so good! We brought him to a trip to Bangkok recently, will update that soon!


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Time passed by way too fast! Aidan is now 15 months going 16 months old! His milestones has not differed much but here's a brief recap!

  • He is extremely curious! He loves touching every single item and also walking around to look at things. He also points at things and looks at us!
  • He hasn't learn much words however he likes to babble a lot. It is so adorable when he does so!
  • He still loves to walk! It's tough babywearing or carrying him now as he wants to explore things.
  • He is much stronger than me when it comes to injections. He has his chicken pox vaccination and didn't make a single sound when they jabbed him.
  • He is very helpful now! Sometimes we will point at things and ask him to take it to us and he does!
  • He is now very clingy and loves to cuddle me out of the blue!
  • When we tell him to find papa/mama, he really does so!
  • He still loves to ransack things like digging out things from boxes and throwing them around.
  • He still loves to latch! Although I tried introducing fresh milk to him recently, he rather latch than drink it. I believe it's a comfort thing haha.
  • He is extremely friendly and loves making friends from kiddos to adults.

Honestly I love this stage with him. It is so fun interacting with him and i love how manja he is! He is especially very clingy to me rather than Skai at this stage. I know that most kids take turns being close to one parent, so I'm just enjoying this stage! hehehehehe.


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You've probably read and seen my previous posts with Ashley Low Photography. After a great experience with them, they were my top choice when I was looking to do another photoshoot.

Needless to say, I wanted to celebrate the special moment of Aidan turning 1! I love the whole concept of a Cake Smash Photoshoot thus I really wanted to do one!
I discussed this with Ashley on the concept and she suggested a blue theme! Which was perfect cos that was one of our favourite colours! Well, mine.


I also requested for something simpler like buntings or poms and Ashley totally nailed it with the background prepared! She also prepared the cutest cake ever!



Unfortunately the star of the show was feeling a bit cranky that day and refused to touch the cake. Really gotta love how patient the photographer was and Aidan soon warmed up!


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My little boy is no longer a baby anymore! He is now 13 months old (actually this entry is extremely tardy!). No longer a baby, a toddler now!

Here are Aidan's milestones:


  • Untitled
    • He is extremely inquisitive! He loves looking and examining items!


    • It's really cute how he would 'ask questions' by pointing at things and going 'eh?'


    • He is extremely great at walking. At 12 months, he started to walk with support, now he is great at walking.


    • Due to his new achievement at walking, he prefers to walk unassisted. When we try holding his hands when walking, sometimes he would shrug us off! :'(


    • His first word is Papa. His second word is Ball. He hasn't said Mama yet. SOBSSSSSS.




    • He LOVES balloons! Whenever he sees balloons or anything ball shaped, he'll point at say 'Ball ball!' over and over again.



    • He is still breastfeed. He still tends to comfort latch.


    • Due to him being overly active and walking quite a lot, he has lost some of his baby fats. Mama is VERY VERY SAD.
    • He is unafraid of strangers. He would walk up to strangers and disturb them.




    • He is also not afraid of animals. We tested it with Fidel's doggy and Miu Miu.


    • He has learnt how to bang. He has started banging our doors, especially when we are in the washroom.


    • He will imitate us e.g. like opening doors, closing doors etc.


  • He greets us with the cutest smiles whenever he sees us.

We are so blessed to have him. While it is tiring honestly, he cheers us up most of the time. There are tough times I don't deny, but his smiles makes it worthwhile.


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