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As some of you guys may know, I did my recent maternity shoot with Ashley Low Photography and basically almost all of my family shoots with her!

She did such an awesome job with Aidan's newborn photoshoot that it's a no-brainer that I would return to her!

Do check out pics of Aidan's shoot here! 

Prior to the shoot

We discussed about themes and concepts. Questions posed to me were:

- Do you have any colour preferences like “neutral”, “pastels only”, “bright” or you are fine with any colour choice?
- Do you like usage of flowers, floral themes?
- We have the following set ups: basket/fabric ; beanbags ; themes - do you have preference over any kind of set ups?

I also viewed their website to have a sense of what types of set ups were available. Back then, for Aidan's shoot, I wanted colourful. For Davina, I wanted more neutral and girly colours. I also opted for more beanbags and baskets/fabrics as compared to concept themes.

Ashley's team also shared with us to consider neutral coloured outfits for our family shoot and to avoid big logos etc. Like with Aidan's, we decided to go with all white again!

They also sent across the location map for our easy reference.

On the day itself

Ashley has shifted studio to a stone's throw away from her previous one. The new studio is bigger and more comfy!



There was a huge bunch of props and also an area for kids to have fun, which Aidan definitely did! He had so much fun with all of the toys!



A pantry area where cold and hot drinks are available. Plenty of snacks were available too!



Some of the other props available such as cloths, swaddles, baskets etc


A changing table where diapers and wet wipes are available.


I was extremely excited when I walked in as I saw all of the themes prepared for me.

I soon sat back and just let Ashley and her team to work her magic. She took care of outfit changes, to coaxing Davina to even changing her diaper when Davina soiled it! Here are some behind the scenes pics I sneakily took of Ashley and team!




We managed to finish the photoshoot within 1.5 hours despite having to stop for 2 times, to breastfeed and also having to coax a temperamental Aidan who did not want to take pics and wanted to continue playing LOL.

All I can say is... Ashley really knows how to coax kids! She got Aidan smiling in no time!

Final results



Love the sky background!


Florals! Huge fan of florals



Pink and neutrals in a basket!


I had to do this shot as we did a similar one for Aidan back then! I also customised the name banner for Davina.


My princess in a tutu!

And my personal favourite... the family shots!






My happy family. 😀



Featuring the gems in my life.

I'm so glad that we decided on a newborn shoot for both of our kids, they grow up so fast! Love that we captured these precious moments in prints!

Discount code available!

If you are an expecting mum, I'll highly recommend that you splurge on a newborn shoot! It's definitely worth it! Ashley has also kindly extended a discount for readers!

Simply quote ‘Nadia’ upon booking to enjoy $50 discount on all session fees! Discount is available till 31st December 2018. Do take note that terms and conditions apply!

For bookings and enquiries, email Ashley at:
Visit her website for more details!

Background info about Ashley:

Ashley Low Photography (ALP) is a cosy and personable boutique set-up that provides creative and fun photos for your beautiful lasting memories for your newborns and babies. Ashley is a female photographer and the only Photographer in ALP who specialises in Newborn and Baby Photography, and they also provide photography services for pregnant mummies and families in Singapore. ALP has been around for over 6 years now!

If you like my photos, do check out Ashley Low Photography! It's definitely a great experience working with her. All in all, I enjoyed the brainstorming sessions and actual photoshoot the most! She really made me feel at ease, which is very important for a newborn photoshoot!

Do check out my pregnancy and baby blog posts here:

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As mentioned in my pregnancy announcement post, my good friend Elaine back then suggested I do a gender reveal photoshoot / party.

I was toying with both ideas for a while and finally decided on a gender reveal photoshoot! Party sounds fun but there's so much stuff to prepare plus I really wanted Skai and Aidan be part of my photoshoot! If it was a party, I would think all girls would be better!

So, we set the date, chope-d Withminn, who took my pregnancy announcement pictures, Fidelis to do my makeup again and also to get my #mysterymakangirls to join in!

As our luck would have it, things did not go as well as we had planned. The weather didn't seem as ideal, weather forecast showed that it would rain, Aidan was unwell and I was starting to feel under the weather.

Thankfully the stars were finally aligned and we managed to pull through. Aidan wasn't as energetic as his usual self but I think we did fine. He loves looking back at the pictures and always points at them.

What to wear for the Gender Reveal Photoshoot?

I wanted to wear something white. Nothing blue or pink as I had asked my girls to wear the colours that they thought baby #2 would be!

I think I looked through all the blogshops and maternity shops with BFF Jacelyn and couldn't find what I wanted. I had ordered a few from some blogshops in preparation (like 3 different outfits) and in the end decided on this cream dress that I had bought in November for CNY. HAHAHAHA.

One of the blogshop dresses was so pretty but unfortunately I couldn't even button up past my belly. SAD. Hopefully I will be able to fit into it post delivery.

So.... I actually did not needed to buy any dresses cos I already have this dress. LOL. Time to shop for another dress for CNY then! I wore it with my comfy Melissa flats!

What sort of makeup and hairstyle did I wanted for my shoot?

I pretty much left it up to Fidelis who I trusted. I told her I wanted something brown, like a more light hearted smokey look (oxymoron I know! But I didn't want black black black smokey ya know?)

For hairstyles, I told her as long as my hair was down and there is some braids, I'm good. I LOVE all of her braided looks so I was pretty easygoing. Prior to the shoot, I visited Caely at Leekaja and she gave me some highlights heh.




Fidelis braided one side of my hair and curled the ends. Something different from the previous shoot where she braided both sides.



Official pics from Withminn below. The wind was a bit strong so hair was hair was slightly messy oops! I should have taken pics at the beginning. Sorry Fidel!




Deciding on a location

While deciding on a location, Withminn and I discussed on places to go. I wanted somewhere with lots of greenery. We thought of locations such as Coney Island which was beautiful but was not ideal. Being pregnant and going to Coney Island with the long walk / cycle was one thing but bringing a toddler was another. Plus having to cart around huge balloons was gonna be a pain in the ass.

We decided to stick to my hood, being the northeast areas, Sengkang and Punggol instead!


Withminn asked what sort of props I wanted and I kinda over prepared. HAHHAHAHAHAA. We had props such as:

Letterboards - I already have the black one and borrowed the pink one from Jacelyn. Previously wanted the blue one but couldn't find anyone who has it! And I didn't wanna buy another since I had the black one already lol!

The words on the pink one doesn't seem so clear in pictures but it says 'Or a girl'.

So basically together it says.... "Is it a boy or a girl" HEH


Rompers - We wanted a contrast so we prepared a blue stripes one and a pink polka dots one!


Diaper cakeTiny T Diaper cakes together with Absorba Nateen Diapers sent over a diaper cake in the colour of the gender alongside #2's name.


BalloonsBeen looking at Pinterest and there were so many different gender reveal balloon styles! There was the classic pop the balloon where confetti would fall out and the recent trend of revealing the balloon in the box.




In the end I decided on the classic pop as I thought it was cuter! Btw I'm scared of balloons popping but I still chose that. HAHAHA.

I had also ordered side bunches of pink and blue balloons from Celebloons and got my girlfriends to wear the colours that they thought #2 was. Only Jace chose pink! HAHAHAHA. Both Fidel and Esther (together with their spouses) chose blue!

Alrighty, this entry is getting a tad long.... so let's reveal #2's gender!

We are having a.....




A girl!!!!!

I was pretty surprised as my gut feel was that #2 would be a boy. But of course, I was extremely happy. It's nice to not be outnumbered anymore. HAHAHAHA.



Unveiling the diaper cake! I hadn't seen the design nor made any specifications so I was really surprised looking at it.




Unicorn, pink with her name! #2's name is Davina! It's actually a combination of Skai's english name David and my name. I LOVE the diaper cake

I'm HUGE on names as you can tell... with Aidan being the opposite of my name and Davina being a combo of our names.




Now... just to anticipate Davina's arrival in April 😀 And soon... Aidan will no longer be an only child heh.

Listing down all the services and vendors that I worked with here for this shoot!

Hair colour and highlights
Caely from Leekaja located at Mandarin Gallery.
Location: 333A Orchard Rd. #03-13 Mandarin Gallery, 238897
Contact: 65 8133 0818
Promo code: 'nadia' for a discount

Hair and makeup
Instagram: @fidelistoh
Contact: 65 81212296

Instagram: @withminn
Contact: 65 88080521

Diaper cake
Instagram: @tinytdiapercakes
Contact: 8484 8549
Promo code: 'nadia' for a discount

Model's own. HAHAHAHA. I got my dress from Temt and my shoes from Melissa Shoes. Ages ago though! TIME TO GET TWINNING SHOES FROM MELISSA SHOES. hahahhahaa.

Bought the black one from Amazon ages ago before any Singapore shops brought them in LOL, Pink borrowed from Jacelyn!

Our own personal stash. HAHHAA. Pink one is from Carters. 😀

Instagram: @celebloons

Awesome friends
Team blue: @theiceangel and @fidelistoh
Team pink: @daintyflair

And of course, the fam.

Thankful for the support from my talented friends <3

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2017 is coming to an end. Soon we will be ushering in 2018. Have you guys thought about what you've done in 2017?

For today's post, as per last year's and the year's before, I'm going to "throwback" major events (good and bad) in my life in 2017! Here are my 4 Major Things That Happened To Me in 2017!

1. Successfully planned for Aidan's 1st Year Birthday Party




We did the DIY Candy table ourselves instead of hiring the professionals. I think it looks damn good for a DIY effort. That being said, now with Aidan being bigger, might be tough to do so next time!

2. Still surviving playing the parenting game.

We didn't rage quit. And we liked it so much that we decided to continue to the next level. (See next point.)

3. Am pregnant with kiddo #2.



Once we decided on having a second child, we decided to 'plan' for one. I thought with breastfeeding and all, it would have affected my fertility... but looks like we were blessed by the baby gods once again! We planned for a 2 years gap... and we hit it with our first try. HAHAHA.

4. Re-evaluated my priorities.

Family became the main priority for me, as you can tell from my social media posts. We have cut down on social obligations (like blogging events etc) and lessened travelling etc. But it's all good. No resentment whatsoever. I would rather give up everything to enjoy these precious years. I don't want to miss out on Aidan's precious years.



That's the 4 Major Things That Happened to Me in 2017. How was yours? I'm looking forward to 2018! We will see baby #2 in 2018!

I would love to thank everyone for being supportive of You've followed my journey from the frivolous camwhoring days to getting engaged to losing weight to planning for my wedding to my honeymoon exploits to getting pregnant to giving birth and having Aidan and now being pregnant again!! I have never regretted blogging as I loved sharing my experiences. It's more of a Nadia's Lifestyle Blog rather than a Singapore Lifestyle Blog. LOL.

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Skai and I were planning for a holiday with Aidan, our toddler and we were thinking of a few destinations. We had visited Genting earlier this year via coach and was thinking of a cruise. Both Skai and I have visited cruises in the past and we loved the all-inclusiveness of cruises. Aidan was about 18 months old and have been eating solids. We thought that the cruise would be perfect for him. Meals were taken care of and if he needs his naps, we could go for it anytime!

We decided to book the Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Seas cruise. Here's our experience with our toddler!






Here's my experience with Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Seas with a 18 month old toddler and my suggested things to do!

1. Request for a playpen or any toys earlier.

Although Aidan still co-sleeps with us, we felt a playpen would be useful and it did! There were times where one of us was with Aidan and needed to use the washroom etc, we felt safe with Aidan in the playpen.

We had also brought a few toys so during playtime, Aidan played in the playpen with them.

Pro-tip: You can borrow toys from the Royal Babies & Tots nursery. As we brought our own, we decided to give this a miss so that other parents could borrow them!

2. Choose a good room.




We chose a room with a balcony which cost a bit more but we felt was a good move. It felt more spacious plus it was nice dining out in the balcony.




I think Aidan also found it interesting as he kept looking at the sea. Just to take note to always keep the balcony doors locked!


Pro-tip: Room service is chargeable except for breakfast. Do take the opportunity to order breakfast in bed! Or well, by the balcony for us!

3. Enjoy your food options.




Mariner of the Seas has a great variety of food options. While most people may prefer the buffet options at Windjammer, Skai and I love having our meals at the Main Dining Hall. Reason being, there are kids options there and having a dedicated server was extremely lovely.





Our server remembered our preferences and always prepared Aidan's meals in advance. And as fellow parents will know, feeding the kid first will save your sanity. HAHA. We did try out the food options at Windjammer etc but the Main Dining Hall was our personal favourite.




There are also cafes all around the cruise areas where they serve snacks such as hotdogs, pizza and ice-cream. Perfect for munchies!


Pro-tip: There are packet milk at Windjammer. Suitable for your kiddos. Also ask for the kids menu at the Main Dining Room. You can also make special requests for your meals e.g. without salt etc.

4. Take naps when needed.

While there are plenty of activities on board, please take things slow. Especially with a toddler. When needed, just take a nap. That's the whole point of traveling on a cruise, I felt!



Never ever fight the zzz monster. You'll just end up with a cranky kiddo.

5. Try out the various indoor activities.







Lots of interesting activities! We brought Aidan to watch various shows from magic shows to a 3D movie to lots of singing performances! His favourite would have to be the ice-skating show! It was amazing how he was captivated from start to finish. He got a bit restless at the 3D Batman Lego movie though so I conclude he loves live performances!

There are activities for everyone. Plenty of lovely shows, parades and activities!

6. Have fun at the outdoor activities.







While some of the activities were not suitable for Aidan e.g. like the rock-climbing and tennis, we made do! We had fun at the mini golf while I do not think Aidan knew what was going on, he had fun just playing!

7. Top up for experiences.






I know that cruises are all-inclusive and some people may not feel inclined topping up. But seriously, some experiences are really worthwhile! We topped up for the Dreamworks breakfast where we had a special breakfast menu and got to meet and enjoy performances from some of the Dreamworks characters!

Pro-tip: The Bottomless Galley Tour was extremely value for money. Free-flow of champagne and delicious food. Must go for the alcoholics! Aside from that, it's also worthwhile topping up for some meals. We got the steak and Skai loved it! On some days, there are special promos for meals, keep a look out for it!

8. Just have fun!










Most of all, have fun! Don't sweat the small stuff especially traveling with a toddler. There are days/moments that won't be as ideal but don't let those moments spoil the rest of your trip!

We really enjoyed our Royal Caribbean experience! Mariner of the Seas was a great experience and I can't wait to go try the other Royal Caribbean cruises.

Definitely a great family holiday and I highly recommended for family holidays especially with kids. Toddler and above would be ideal! Here's just our humble sharing of our Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Seas Cruise experience with a toddler.

Have you ever been on a Royal Caribbean cruise? If so, tell me what's your favourite experience! 😀

For those who were asking, you can find out more about Royal Caribbean at

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