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Sometimes I really hate studying part time.

While I was stuck in school yesterday, I missed out Yebber's Anniversary.

While I was stuck in school today, I missed out on the SMB, Nuffnang's AIDS awareness thingy, the SPI's dinner and celebrating my anniversary with Tiger.

While I'll be stuck in school tomorrow, I'll be missing out my ex-colleagues lil gathering.

I have not even started packing for Australia and I'm leaving like next week? ARGH. Anyway I've received the itinerary and it sounds fab! I'll most probably be blogging about the trip daily so do stay tuned! 😉

Coming up next! A mini contest!


Aside from that, my friend Cordelia is in FHM GIRLS NEXT DOOR 2008! Do vote for her! Here's the format:

FHM1GND21 (Your name) (IC no) (Email). SMS to 73388! Thanks!


Remember the previous MIS incident? Yes, this MIS incident. I don't know if it's a coincidence or what but soon we need not go to MIS anymore!

Curtin would be "setting shop" in Singapore by end December.

Perhaps if MIS doesn't "wake up", students can consider going to the Curtin campus directly. Hohoho.

Oh, my results aren't here yet. WTF. And results are supposedly finalised this week.


Please read Part 1 and Part 2 first.

So we finally stepped into the club. The club was big! A few of us managed to grab a table and we settled in quick. We started chit chatting and just basically watched the show.

As I wasn't in top form, I didn't do much "networking" and instead plonked at our area and became antisocial. Oh well. Thank god, I still had some "energy" to chase after some bloggers to take pics.

Pics galore!

Green rabbit gets intellectual!

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My colleague (who won the SE phone in the voters contest!!!) Adrian Chan (must state down surname cause there is another Adrian around) loves to freestyle a lot. (you MUST click the link!) Yours truly told him to stop freestyling and to finally find a gf! He's turning the age of 'must change IC le'.

nadia@work [4 days.] says: get a gf la!
nadia@work [4 days.] says: stop freestyling 😛
Adrian.C says: u think so easy
nadia@work [4 days.] says: why not easy?
Adrian.C says: i so geek
nadia@work [4 days.] says: so?
nadia@work [4 days.] says: my bf is supergeeeeeeeek
nadia@work [4 days.] says: lol
Adrian.C says: den where he "find" u one
Adrian.C says: hahaha
Adrian.C says: got any more left over
nadia@work [4 days.] says: in school. i also tio conned la
nadia@work [4 days.] says: lol
nadia@work [4 days.] says: a lot of my friends wonder why im with him
nadia@work [4 days.] says: lol
nadia@work [4 days.] says: but geeks are endearing

So girls, if you want a cute "geek", who has a great sense of humour, do let me know! I can fix a date with this "geek".

Actually geeks aren't too bad you know? Tiger is my walking dictionary. Everything I don't know he's always there to solve it. 😛 He doesn't club or socialize much (which can be a good or bad thing) and he won't dare to cheat on me (though I consider him cheating on me with WOW! he values WOW over me! Brrr.)

Only bad thing about some geeks is that they're not sensitive or romantic. Tiger hardly romances me. Bah.

Hmmmmm. Maybe I should not date geeks after all. LOL!

But supposedly this Adrian Chan is a combination of being fun (he LOVES games), romantic and with a dash of geekiness. Here's a pic of him! The one on the right. [pic removed. hehehe he's too cute and shy le, must remove pic!]

If you're keen, let me know! Lets stop Adrian Chan from freestyling! 😛