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My colleague (who won the SE phone in the voters contest!!!) Adrian Chan (must state down surname cause there is another Adrian around) loves to freestyle a lot. (you MUST click the link!) Yours truly told him to stop freestyling and to finally find a gf! He's turning the age of 'must change IC le'.

nadia@work [4 days.] says: get a gf la!
nadia@work [4 days.] says: stop freestyling 😛
Adrian.C says: u think so easy
nadia@work [4 days.] says: why not easy?
Adrian.C says: i so geek
nadia@work [4 days.] says: so?
nadia@work [4 days.] says: my bf is supergeeeeeeeek
nadia@work [4 days.] says: lol
Adrian.C says: den where he "find" u one
Adrian.C says: hahaha
Adrian.C says: got any more left over
nadia@work [4 days.] says: in school. i also tio conned la
nadia@work [4 days.] says: lol
nadia@work [4 days.] says: a lot of my friends wonder why im with him
nadia@work [4 days.] says: lol
nadia@work [4 days.] says: but geeks are endearing

So girls, if you want a cute "geek", who has a great sense of humour, do let me know! I can fix a date with this "geek".

Actually geeks aren't too bad you know? Tiger is my walking dictionary. Everything I don't know he's always there to solve it. 😛 He doesn't club or socialize much (which can be a good or bad thing) and he won't dare to cheat on me (though I consider him cheating on me with WOW! he values WOW over me! Brrr.)

Only bad thing about some geeks is that they're not sensitive or romantic. Tiger hardly romances me. Bah.

Hmmmmm. Maybe I should not date geeks after all. LOL!

But supposedly this Adrian Chan is a combination of being fun (he LOVES games), romantic and with a dash of geekiness. Here's a pic of him! The one on the right. [pic removed. hehehe he's too cute and shy le, must remove pic!]

If you're keen, let me know! Lets stop Adrian Chan from freestyling! 😛


Pls read part 1 first. Sorry I gotta split it into Part 3! There are just too many pics!!!

After unpacking, some of us headed over to Sungei Wang to grab a quick bite and it started raining heavily. Madness. We only arrived back at the hotel at like 5.20pm? And we were supposed to meet at 5.30pm.

Of course we came down late! 😛 Jayden and Fabian were the latest! *changes subject*

Anyway here's my outfit!

Singlet, Green Rabbit, Happy Boxers and Mushroom Slippers. LOL.

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Looks like staying put was the way to go.

Not only was the previous Advertlets thing just a tiny little scare, it proved that nothing has changed. Not only is Nuffnang getting more and more ads, they have an ad from SPH! Interesting ain't it?

Aside from the Pajamas Party, Nuffnang has organised quite a few activities for the bloggers. Not only that, I was pleasantly surprised when Ming decided to make the SPI thing official. Isn't it cool of him?

And no, I'm not working for Nuffnang. 🙂

Ok, updates on the Nuffnang Pajamas Party soon! And in the next next entry, there will be items to be won! Do watch this space!

And no, I have NOT received my results. WTF.


After I've launched my "war" so as to speak, I've been feeling very rebellious. Why should anyone have to tolerate shitty services or experiences? If they don't listen to your feedback, then prepare for war.

Anyway... I went to class on Thursday feeling so irked and pissed off about the whole MIS thing and then the lecturer passed over this sheet for everyone to fill up their particulars including their company's name and occupation.

Yes, the angry devil is still sitting on my shoulder then. When I saw the list, I got even more miffed. Why should we disclose all these details? If you want to say it verbally once, so be it but writing down on a list for you to refer, I wasn't very comfortable with that.

And as you know, I am rather anal about sharing what I do and where I work online. Being wary in the first place and coupled with feeling rebellious isn't a good combo.

Instead of leaving it blank as many other students did, I wrote a note there. "Don't intend to share. P&C."

LOL. I wonder what the lecturer must have thought of when he saw that. Not a very good first impression.


Blame the rebellious streak in me. 😛