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The year's happenings at a glance.

i think 2007 hasn't been a great year for me. i kind of regretted making some decisions and i guess in 2008, there will be more drastic changes. 2008 will be the year of the rat! ching chong ppl say usually for those ppl born in the yr of the rat, it isnt a good year. zzzz. yes i know, my bday falls on cny. -_-".

oh well, to a better year ahead! and hopefully to better grades and a good pay increment! (eh can one ask not to be confirmed in a job?)

i'll be partying at st james tonight! what are your plans for countdown later?




Quite some time ago, i attended two of the Singapore Writers Festivals talks.

Outfit of the day.

Closer look at the pretty wedges. hurhur. i need a pedicure!

It was interesting listening to them. From how they've first started and tips on how to gain readership etc.

check out the venue!


turns out estee and i wore similiar outfits! and no, we didnt gang up together! 😛

posing with mr miyagi's book!

some of the fellow nuffnangers that went...


ylva and me!

estee and i. 🙂

pics with the speakers!

ming. whatcha looking at?!

with kennysia.

with mr miyagi. 🙂

and one last group pic!

looks like us nuffnangers are in couple wear! 😛

after that, thb and i followed kenny to cineleisure and we spotted this!

FOR WAD! lol. WorldAidsDay. Nice tops!

i love the cute shirts in NewUrbanMale! iWant!

have you met my new boyfriend?

and i dragged kenny to take some cuckoo neoprints. here's one of them!

lol. cute hor? 😛

i asked kenny to do a funny pose and this was what he did...


a group pic!

last but not least, a pic with one of my fav bloggers!

Hope to see you soon!

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if you saw a topless woman sunbathing in the park (obviously not in singapore) and you stop and made conversation with her. both of you guys get really comfortable and she asks if she can have a look at your penis, would you show her?

if you had said yes, you would have been arrested immediately for indecent exposure!

entrapment i say! it's really not fair that the police are going to such measures.

or if you had seen an ipod or some cash at the train station and there wasn't anyone around and you picked it up (well, because you thought it was well, finders keepers), you would have been arrested for stealing.

seriously wtf? it's one thing about trying to keep the city crime free but this is really not fair! they're creating crimes to catch innocent people.

what do you think?


a colleague accidentally dropped my precious pink camera earlier. it wasn't a hard fall and it seemed nothing much was damaged, just a small tiny, almost invisible paint scrapped off.

that was what i thought.

till later, i was viewing my pictures that i've realised that the controls were wonky. i restarted the camera, removed the battery, removed the memory card, everything! but the camera was still wonky.

my precious is no longer under warranty and it seems that the "hospital" charges are more than a hundred bucks! and that is just the basic charges!

i'm feeling oh so fucked up now. not angry at my colleague for accidents so happen and its really such a minor one! i just feel so fed up. why is it so fragile?! the first fall and it's messed up already. brrr. hopefully it'll be better later... if not, i'll have to send it for repairs. 🙁

ARGH. looks like there won't be any pictorial entries if the camera is sent for service. argh!


Double M. Double the Moo. LOL. /end lame

I started reading mooiness since march. I had stumbled onto his blog via serendipity. I had wanted to meet up with him in July when i was in Perth for my study trip but he was terribly sick then. (sure or not?! must be bz with 2 hot chicks :P)

When i heard that Marcus announced that he'll be visiting Singapore this year, i quickly made plans with him. After my blog entry, RN commented and thus i decided to call her along.

I was a bit surprised when i met him. LOL. 😛 I'll leave you guessing. heh.

We headed to the cafe that RN works at. The food was delish and i'm already craving for it again.

Yummy popiah

My delish beef noodle soup.

Marcus had brought his cousin Yvonne along and she was really a delight to be around with. He was also a sweetie! He bought me a tshirt (which i'll be wearing it on Saturday when i meet Tiger's online friends for the first time. hurhur). I think he bought me that because he was scared i'll steal his cool cap. lol

I was afraid that it would be awkward but surprisingly it turned out quite good. Even his cousin couldn't guess that we only met for the very first time!

We waited till closing time and we left together with RN to Harry's.

I wanted to introduce the chocolate cake shooter to Marcus but silly old me forgot that there's vodka! oops. 🙁

It became a mild chocolate cake instead. LOL! Marcus was being polite by saying it was nice. 😛

I had to beg for forgiveness from him. 🙁

And i had to pout quite a bit too.

Marcus drank too much and started giving me lecherous stares. (OMG THIS IS REALLY AN UNFLATTERING SHOT!)

lol. actually all those pics were just taken for fun. 😛

It was great just chitchatting and RN and i did the choose thingy from the bar. heh. for example. would you be rather be bitten down there (for the men of course) which will incur a little damage or have a girl vomit in your mouth when you guys were kissing?

Which would you choose? LOL!

Anyway it was a fun night! Pity i couldn't go clubbing with Marcus for the next day i had to work. 🙁 Next time yeah? Maybe in Perth? heh.

Drink more and have chicken pie and strawberry icecream next time yeah? 😉

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