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last friday, i was itching for some good old lancing. havent clubbed in ages, didnt get to visit luxy in taiwan and i was damn "gian" to go shake some booty.

i was almost resigned to spending a night at home mahjong-ing with the parentals who have never failed to bully me. (if i lose, i pay. if they lose, they dont pay. -_-")

thankfully i had a dancing kaki! jen jen! together with ben ben, we decided to activate our cannery cards.

but first, some camwhoring.

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what would you'll do for free tickets?

i would....

  1. post pics of my pussy.
  2. not shave my armpits for as long as Ming wants! LOL!

isnt that a good deal? choose one! ๐Ÿ˜‰

update: woooot! ming has given me free tix! and i wont have to post pics of my pussycats (LOL!) or even not shave! wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!

ย all i have to do is wait for jen jen to hopefully win some tickets too! ๐Ÿ˜‰


during my taiwan trip, a few of us were having a mini debate on the term cheating. everyone has their own definitions and what would be considered acceptable to some is considered as cheating to others. now, i would like to hear your thoughts. which of the following do you consider as cheating?

  1. going out with a guy (who shows some interest in you. possibility of him wanting to chase you) w/o informing your bf
  2. going out with a guy (who shows some interest in you. possibility of him wanting to chase you). bf knows about it.
  3. dancing with a stranger at a club
  4. sharing your thoughts, ideals and other personal stuff about yourself to another guy and not your bf.
  5. kissing another guy.
  6. hugging another guy
  7. fucking another guy. (duh!)

what would hurt more? physical cheating or emotionally cheating? would you take someone back if he/she had cheated on you?

my ex (my first love) went after another girl when we were still together. even though they did not get together (the girl was a lesbian. HO HO HO!), i still considered that as cheating.

after we had broken up and when i had obviously moved on, the idiot tried to chase me back (why do guys only want you back when you've moved on? tsk tsk) and lied to me that the whole chasing the girl affair (otherwise known as the genevieve affair) was a lie. he did not chase her.

if he had told the truth, i might had forgiven him but he still lied to me. he who hated his dad for cheating on his mum. the apple doesnt fall far from the tree eh?

i was naive and stupid then. even when he lied to me, i didnt tell him i knew the truth. *shakes head*

so what do you consider cheating? would you forgive your partner for doing so? why?