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how many times have you had problems and had wished for a way for things to be better, for someone to help and make it better? i believe, plenty.

imagine the problem magnified a thousand times. imagine how you'll feel?

the chinese (i think) has this saying (forgive me if im wrong): 救人一命;胜造七级佛徒 : saving a life is better than building a 7 storey pagoda. (chinese text kindly written by jesuafreak)

when jaypa told me about this, my heart really went out to poor chrissy. this is not a hoax, mind you!

if you can, please head down this sunday for a little blood test. a little help goes a loooong way. for more details, please click here.

thanks. really appreciate it. please do spread the word around.


sibeh sian. while everyone else will be partying tonight, i will be working. till very very very late. if im lucky, ill end at 2am. 🙁

this will be the first year i will not be going to zouk after 3 consecutive years. looks like i cant use my bunny girl costume. *sulk sulk*

to the rest of you guys... enjoy! 😉

sigh. looks like i cant spoof whatever km is wearing this year. 🙁


2 weeks ago, we threw a mini celebration for kok at pitstop followed by o bar..

it was a rather simple affair at pitstop cafe, played many games followed by a slice of cake and his birthday present. turns out that there were many birthdays celebrated at pitstop there that day... it was yau khai's first time there.. and i think he enjoyed himself. woooot! one more kaki for pitstop outings 😉

the king and his subjects...

anyway belated happy birthday to eveeeeeeeeeeee and mumuuuuuuu! 😉

we headed to o bar after that... and in true nadnut saboh spirit, the birthday boy had to drink a flaming... (reminds you of wala wala eh? :P)

BUT since kok has been bullying me ALL THE TIME, he had to drink TWO waterfalls! MUAHAHAHAA. and after that, lydia's friend bought him more flamings... the poor kid got drunk almost immediately.

i am so not inviting him to my birthday party (if i have one), i dont wanna kena saboh. LOL! but after that, he sobered up after a while. till today he blames me. 😛

it has been a long time since we had a group photo. 😉 i feel so retro-ey that day. lol. till the next booze session! 😉 well, at least till kok comes back after his 1 month training at brunei.. 🙂


last week, i met up with shemmyboy for dinner at the stonegrill. i heard about stonegrill from lydia who had raved about the place. its actually a very interesting concept, raw pieces of meat is placed on a very very very hot piece of stone and we are left to cook the meat to our preferred done-ness.

don't you hate those places where you order a medium rare steak and it comes back well done? if so, try stonegrill. you have only yourself to blame if its over or undercooked. lol.

we ordered prawn bisque, cheese fries and cheese mushrooms...

shemmy's prawn bisque. i don't know if its good, didn't try it. am not a fan of prawn or lobster bisque. lol.

ever wonder how does shemmy look?

yes, his paddlepop hair is damn disgusting. pls tell him that. DYE YOUR HAIR BROWN OR BLACK LAH! shem seems to love his prawn bisque. i blinked and it disappeared. no kidding.

the abso-fucking-lutely (na)delicious cheese fries. only complain: why are they so stingy with the bacon bits?!?

next up.... the cheese mushrooms..

yum! sinful!

this is how it looks like inside...

me & my mushroom. just realised the colour of my shirt matches the cheeesy items..

then... the main courses arrived!

check out the thick slab of meat!

the side view...

shem's combo cut... lamb, beef and chicken..

shemster waiting for his food to cook... yes yes, he's showing off his killer dimple AGAIN.

after turning my meat, i thought it looked rather well doned but.. when i sliced it.. check it out!

woooot! damn bloody inside. i like. juicy!

shem's cooked food... the lamb is yummy! my steak was thicker than his. *grins*


try stonegrill out! interesting place. we paid about 60+ for our 2 main courses and 3 appetizers..

91 East Coast Road
Singapore 428791
(t) 6348 1211
(f) 6348 1511

Operating Hours:
Lunch: 11am - 2.30pm
Dinner: 6pm - 10.15pm