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over a few exchanges over emails, apparently someone needed a favour for something something voiceover.

apparently for a kid's voice or something like that.

i was kinda surprised when she emailed me, cause from what i know and what people have told me, my voice is rather low. (and apparently another colleague once stopped me in the lift and asked if i smoked, cause my voice sounded low. wtf was that about?!?)

and when i replied the someone that i doubt i would suit the 'job' because my voice was rather low, she replied that she thought my voice was squeaky.

squeaky meh?!?!

i know for a fact that last time, my voice was of a higher pitch then till i had my operation, then it dropped a bit. but i was never 'classified' of the 'high pitch' kind.

those who have heard my voice, my voice really squeaky meh? or low?

*indignant nad*

and i ROAR not squeak. hahaahahah. /end lame.


and commented on others' posts... (and i believe u do not wanna hear anymore complains about the damn luggage. ITS ALREADY 20 KG! i am so screwed!)

here goes..


If you comment on this post:

1. I’ll respond with something random about you
2. I’ll challenge you to try something
3. I’ll pick a colour that I associate with you
4. I’ll tell you something I like about you
5. I’ll tell you my first/clearest memory of you
6. I’ll tell you what animal you remind me of
7. I’ll ask you something I’ve always wanted to ask you
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on your blog

because of what i have seen from others... if i do it for you, u must comment here (in this entry) on me too. and if u're feeling nice, u can *cough* do me first then i'll do you *cough*. i'll make sure i'll return the favour.

i do u, u do me. *cough*

here goes...


  1. apply for leave - done!
  2. purchase airtickets - done!
  3. purchase travel insurance - done!
  4. exchange money - done! (sadly at 1.185 and not at 1.17 :( boo) NABEI! RATE JUST DROPPED TO 1.17 TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. apply for visa - done!
  6. borrow ‘draggable’ suitcase - done! (unfortunately suitcase seems too small!)
  7. borrow winterwear - done!
  8. borrow/buy bigger memory stick! - done! jenny lent me her 1gb memory stick!
  9. purchase travel sickness & sinus medicine - done! i remembered i have problems swallowing small pills, so decided to heck it! im sure there are free booze on the plane, shall drink and snooze…
  10. apply for autoroaming (should i?) or buy prepaid card
  11. arrange date with online friend(s) to meet there - done!
  12. pack clothes - done! aside from the fact that my suitcase has all my clothes and the toiletries cant fit inside... im done i guess.
  13. pay whatever bills i have (mobile, transport, internet) - semi-done! paid transport & internet bills!
  14. handover workstuff to boss - handover meeting to boss and my temp staff tomorrow!

soon! almost done!

bought nice adidas covered shoes (30% sale! poor mrkennychan had to follow me try like 15 pairs of shoes yesterday..) for the trip.

cursed and swore when i saw the exchange rate drop, cursed and swore when the luggage just seems too small. it seems that only my clothes/winterwear can fit into the luggage, and my toiletries cant!

became tiger's maria maid by fetching a few of his personal belongings from his sister. NOW I KNOW WHY HE ASKED ME TO GO OVER! TMD HIDDEN AGENDA! not only that, that goondu told me to save some of my luggage space to cart his books back. !!!!!!!!! bah. i knew he wasnt THAT nice. ROAR!

must remember to pack important documents - passport, visa, travel insurance, camera, batteries, cable and to try to stuff everything in that damned luggage!

i am only bringing like 5 days worth of clothes for 2 weeks?!?! damn fat jackets.

i think im damn slack, its just a few more days and im not even halfway thru with my luggage. hmmmm. did i miss anything out? i feel like i did...

after reading gigi's entry on being upgraded to biz class, stingy lil me was devising ways to get upgraded, even seeking advice from a few airstewardess-es and researching online. hahahaa. but decided to forgo all that and just check in early. :p

final countdown! no more procrastination! do or die!


when the big boss goes on a holiday (way more than 2 weeks, to be exact 12 days of leave) its called a well deserved break.

when i take 2 weeks off (to be exact 10 days of leave), its called "goes traipsing on a 2 week holiday".

so when one takes leave to spend time with their family, its allowed and understandable, and when we single (not married la) ones take leave, its irresponsible?

double standards! bloody hell! NBCB!


a long long (nong nong) time ago, our dearest cowboycaleb posted this up... woooooooooooooot! free icecream buffet for the barflies!

after much discussion (and procrastination), we decided to head down to pitstop cafe one fine friday... one thing great abt their place was that, they had a rather comprehensive location guide.

their signboard.. i love the scrabble like logo!

and like all 'special deals', they will always come with a price or a catch... and here's theirs..

they make u work for it. check out the stairs! after much bickering (and phototaking) at the stairs, we suddenly saw a head! actually it was evelyn who probably heard the ruckus downstairs and invited us up. 😛

the cosy sight that greeted us...

from left to right: the menu, comfy sofa, the library of games and the yummy dessert menu.

the early birds..

check out km's super enthu expression!

we decided to go with the games package, which consisted of a main course, a soup, a drink and 2 hours of gaming...

their cute cups and their mushroom soup. missy booboo keeps insisting that the soup is green! -_-" it is not green! lol.

and the delicious meals arrived shortly...

winter's yummilicious chicken chop...

cow's and km's steak...

and my (na)delicious fish & chips. the portions were quite big, well for the girls at least. we kept trying to throw the remainders to the guys. lol!

this expression suits us! we decided to start slow and start with an easy game... mad! some mad cow decided to go crazy. lol!

hilarious! money kept being switching from you to me to you. a bit the pekchek though! lol!

look what arrived during our game session!

km's pweeeety cup of coffee and....

so delicious!!! i wanted to snatch the whole plate to myself! *greeedy*

unfortunately... icecream & games do not match...

we were so engrossed with the games that we forgot the icecream! 🙁 melted delicious icecream... booooooooooooo.

played a few easy games after mad...

we then had this game of imaginif, where we are supposed to answer questions on the person...

for example, here's one on me... pssst. check out missy's yummy lips. *cough*

incase its too blur for u to see, here is a poll. pls vote!

Q: if nadnut were a cliche, which would she be?

A1: wolf in sheep's clothing
A2: born with a silver spoon in the mouth
A3: burning the candle at both ends
A4: at one with nature
A5: look what the cat dragged in
A6: a sight for sore eyes

we then played this bidding game. where the cheapest offer and the loudest voice will win. *cough*. laoniang undercut everyone else. hahahaa. i AM in events afterall. 😛 lol

the winners. gracey is a good bargainer too. i pakat with her and we won everyone else. lol! the boys were pouting away. LOL!

the group then disbanded. some to watch soccer while km, winter and i decided to continue playing... a group pic!

evelyn then taught and joined us for a colour game. forgot the name of this game... very patient lady considering the fact that only km caught on the rules of the game while winter and i were 'huh'-ing away 😛

we then played a game of blokus with astroboy. he's super competitive! lol. needless to say, he won. bah. bully us noobs! u wait!

we then lastly had a game of dice. forgot the name of the game. 😛 was too sleepy..

the folks @ pitstop had kindly extended their hours for just the 3 of us. so paiseh!

check out the photogallery-cum-graffiti-wall!

i abso-fucking-lutely love the place! i love the concept of boardgames cafe. where we can actually have wholesome fun. i'm in for another round of boardgames. anyone else?

here's the addy! do check it out! and spread the word!

Pitstop Cafe
14B Circular Road Singapore 049370
Tel: 6535-5383
Monday-Thursday: 5pm to 11pm
Friday, Saturday, eve of PH and PH: 12pm - 11pm (extended hours till late)
Sunday: 12pm to 9pm

hope u guys have a fun time too! 😉

here's what the other barflies had to say:


now just waiting for the other lazy bums' entries. *cough kingmeng cough winter cough booboo*