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Here’s an entry dedicated to my good friends! ūüôā They need your votes!

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First up! My very good friend Charlie!

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Charlie’s idea “Tools of Trade” is one of the ten finalists in the “Ultimate Start-Up Space” organised by Martel V.S.O.P.

What is Tools of Trade in a nutshell?

ToT is a creative space for you to:
– embrace a hands-on spirit of fixing, making and fabricating your own stuff
– play an active role in reducing the carbon footprint of everyday products through creative ways
– join a community of like-minded individuals to share and learn together – all in the name of fun (profit is a plus!)
– kick-start your own idea through ToT and community funding.

ToT is not a Design & Technology workshop, a repair shop or even any shop! We are much more:
– We give life to old items that you love and believe that if an item is spoiled, you don’t have to discard it
– We teach, learn and share. So it’s about you, us and everybody coming together to develop and realise your ideas.
– We are adults with a curious mind, wanting to discover what makes things tick and improve.

I have known Charlie for a good 5 – 6 years now and he is always tinkering with something, fixing gadgets and coming out with new and innovative items. I personally think he never waste items and sees a challenge is revamping them. Waste not!

If you are as impressed as I am with his idea, please help to vote (well, pledge in this case) for him.

Pledge an amount for Tools of Trade here.
You can also check out FB Page here:

Next up! Xiaoyun!

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Xiaoyun is one of the 8 shortlisted in MediaCorp Radio’s “So You Wanna Be A DJ?” contest.

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2 weeks has passed and Xiaoyun is now in top 4! WOOOOT!

Please help to vote for my very talented friend! SMS “933DJ<space>6<space> your name<space>NRIC to 72346 every Thursday at 8pm! Sms and you might win $1,000 worth of cash and prizes! Support Xiaoyun!

Strepsils Special Award, MediaCorp Radio, So you want to be a dj contest

You can also vote for Xiaoyun to be the Strepsil’s Special Award for the Most Soothing Voice! Head over here and vote!

Check out her profile page here:
Main contest page here:
Vote for Xiaoyun for Stepsil’s Special Award for Most Soothing Voice:
And her facebook page here:

Last but definitely not least, pls support my favourite sponsor Millys!

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Millys has been nominated in 3 categories, which are Favorite Hair Extension, Favorite Eyelash Extension and Favorite Gel Nails.

Singapore Lifestyle Blog click on this link to vote for Millys!

To thank you guys for voting for Millys, here’s a special eyelash extensions promotion!

Singapore Lifestyle Blog

Check out Millys at any of her outlets below now!

Milly’s @ Far East Plaza #03-129, Milly’s @ Bugis Street #3,4 & 5, Milly’s @ Bugis Street #03-24 and Milly’s@ Bugis (Little Red Dot ).

Support them now! <3

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