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Trying out some costumes!

Day out with Esther! As mentioned earlier, Esther introduced me to Vince. He had kindly asked if I would like to have another photoshoot together before he leaves for further studies and I decided to do so. Didn’t want to go alone so I persuaded her to go with me and she tagged along. 🙂

Lotsa camwhoring!

While waiting for Esther… My eye makeup is very thick! Looks ok in the photoshoot but I really look very wayang in real life. :/

We went to Arab Street to have our late lunch as I was craving for Indian food.

We ordered a lot! One of my fave drinks is Soursop! I love it!

And now… I’m craving for Murtabak!

Since we were at Arab Street, I brought Esther to No 1 Costume Costume. I missed that place! The last time I was there was back in 2005? For Virtual Insanity 1!

Tried out a few costumes.

What’s this?

School girl uniform. Everyone who knows me knows that I have this thing for School Uniforms. Wore my Sec school uniform to Zouk and O Bar in Halloween 2005 and bought the St Marg Pri School Uniform for AsiaSoft D&D.

Now… All I need is my Jap School Uniform. 😛 I miss my chunky bangs.

French Maid outfit. LOL! So unsexy!

Check out the top’s details.

LOL. Drew my imaginary feather duster. 😛

The Nurse outfit. I forgot to wear the cap. Cute outfit! Maybe possible for Halloween this year…

The Sailor Moon outfit. Looks like the School Girl outfit, the skirt is FREAKING SHORT. For short old meh, confirm zhao geng le, can’t imagine for normal height people.

I love costumes! I did a photoshoot wearing Esther’s Policewoman outfit but pics can’t be posted else Tiger will kill me. 😛 Other pics will be up soon!

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