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As mentioned in my previous blog post(s), the hubby and I visited a Michelin Star Restaurant in Paris, France.

Reason being, we always wanted to try a Michelin Star Restaurant (and dear Tim Ho Wan does not count!). It is also because we thought it would be nice to enjoy a fine (pun intended) meal in Paris (the city of love!) as our honeymoon meal!


While we had initially wanted to go well, budget, not too ex, the odds were definitely not in our favour.

We used the old faithful google to search for Michelin Star Restaurants where excellent keywords such as Cheapest, Affordable and Michelin Star Restaurants in Paris caught our eye.

Needless to say L'Agape soon caught our eyes with it's 35 Euros menu. We decided to make our reservations at L'Agape for the second last day of our trip: 1st May.

But like I mentioned earlier, things did not go as planned. Because, goondu us did not think nor used our numbskulls. 1st May = Labour Day = Public Holiday = No set meals = Expensive meal!

Jeng jeng jeng.


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