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Random updates!


First up, I have a blog shop to introduce! They have sent me two lovely items (not the items below!) and I’ll be bringing them to Japan!

Shopahoantics is pronounced as “shopper-ho-antics” a rather quirky name! They release new collections weekly and basically their shop stocks from basics to high end inspired fashion. From what I’ve heard from them, there will be manufactured pieces in a few weeks time.

Guess what? They’ll be offering a 10% discount off your first purchase if you quote “nad”! Woot!

Go check out their shop now!!


Remember the lucky draw that I promised you guys?

The page has been updated. Look see and see if you like anything and comment! Once I’m back from Japan, I’ll do a draw. Remember to comment soon! If nobody wants the items, then it’s all mine! LALALALALALA!


I had a throat infection recently and I was damn scared that I wouldn’t recover before friday (that’s when I’ll be traveling to Japan!). But I’m feeling better already!


I promised the Kiehls boys to blog about them but I doubt I have the time to do so before my trip! (Sorry boys! Paiseh leh, been sick and all.) But here’s a teaser ok!

I promise more drool-worthy pics of these lovely boys AND a half nekkid pic of one of them. *cough*


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