My boyfriend deserted me for…

a fucking frozen corpse.

Curse you World of Warcraft. What’s with the stupid Wrath of The Lich King Gathering party?! I hate you AsiaSoft!!!! Eh wait, I do have some nice ex-colleagues there.. I hate you WOW!

Time to find a new boyfriend for this weekend. Hmph.

P/s: This is a scheduled post. I’m currently crying at the exam hall. Wish me luck!

10 thoughts on “My boyfriend deserted me for…”

  1. I heard that some very understanding girlfriends would actually help their boyfriends play the game while they are hard at work earning a living.


  2. hola nadia… at least you know where your boyfriend is and what he is doing.. playing video games.. itz juz like gals who loves window shopping… or the roti prata man scratching his buns while flipping pratas…

    anyway.. good luck on your papers.. schoolgal mutates to working gal.. but still cute seh.


  3. mooiness: Thanks bro! Am looking forward to our clubbing session soon!

    Jimmy Tang: Unfortunately this VERY understanding girlfriend has to study for her exams.

    Girl: Which one babe?

    euniqueflair: Maybe after my exams. 🙂

    DamnMorgan: mutates?!


  4. Jumi: LOL! My bf been trying to get me to pick up WoW but it’s really not my cup of tea. I rather play with my DS Lite 😛 Thanks for the well wishes!


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