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MJ’s Innocent Pleasure – Chapter 23 + Wanna join us for our MJ meetings?

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Remember this entry?

Were you wondering what was the pic with the snake all about?

We had our MJ meeting recently and with every new chapter, there is always a fun event/activity that Jerraine would surprise us with! Remember Girly Erotica? We had that erotic dance class! lol

For this chapter, it’s called Innocent Pleasure and it’s based on the Garden of Eden which obviously had a serpent just like in the Bible! Some pictures of the lovely decor and tea party we had in the Garden!

This chapter would come as a great delight to many of you girls! I absolutely adore eyeshadows and I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that Chapter 23 has EIGHT eyeshadow palettes! We all had a lovely makeover using those palettes. 🙂

I’ve collected two so far, six more to go! More about the products in the next few entries! There’ll be a step by step guide, stay tuned guys!

Aside from the lovely decor, in line with Chapter 23’s Garden of Eden theme, we all had a very entertaining time with the lovely snake charmer and his snakes.

Most of us were pretty receptive towards the snakes…

There were those who were horrified at the snakes.

Sorry babes! We had a few laughs at how comical you guys looked! :p

Interested to join us for our meetings? Now you can! Here’s how!

1) Write an entry (of at least 300 words) on: “Why I like Majolica Majorca and why I should join the MJ ambassadors in their next meeting!”
2) Post this entry up on your blog, email the same entry and your blog address to: OR you can post your entry on the Majolica Majorca facebook group.
3) Please remember to quote from who’s blog you saw this competition as only 1 reader per ambassador will be chosen!
4) Incomplete entries will be disqualified! So please triple check before sending them out!
5) Last day of entry will be on 5th July and the winners will be notified by 26th July!

Do join us for our meetings! Not only will you be one of the first to preview the latest collection, you’ll get to bring back some special goodies too!

See you at our next meeting! 😉

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