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MJ Chapter 24 : Fairy Sadistic

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For this chapter, we didn’t have to dance or play with snakes!

In fact, all we had to do is just sit down and everyone else will be doing stuff for us!

Chapter 24’s theme is Fairy Sadistic and the emphasis is on the eyes for this chapter, specifically on lining the eyes, hence the tagline “Piercing Eyes”.

For this meeting, we got to bring in a reader! Remember my previous blog entry?

Pretty Molemole was the one who wowed the MJ judges with her entry!

She got the whole MJ experience!

Because Fairy Sadistic sounds really fantasylike, the MJ ladies brought in two digital artists to draw us girls in a manga style – like a dark fairy to be exact!

Here’s mine!

We also had a nice makeover but I’ll only share pics with you guys for the next MJ entry! For the meantime, here are some pics of us MJ Ambassadors goofing off while the digital artists are working hard. 😛

I’m so gonna miss these girls once this MJ ambassadorship ends this year. 🙁

A group picture with the readers and the digital artists!

Stay tuned to Chapter 24’s star products in my upcoming MJ posts!

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