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Makeup talk makes me happy. *flips hair*

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I’m feeling very annoyed today. People have been pissing me off the whole of today and I’m really close to exploding. All of these malicious rumormongers and stupid “put me down” talks just pisses me off.

Argh. Anyway, I haven’t been updating much about MJ and since makeup talk makes me feel happier, so here’s some information about MJ!

Have you guys taken a look at the Majolica Majorca’s website? I have to admit, the website is a tad laggy but it’s worth it!

Do check it out! There’s lots of information on the website, for example you can find out more about the current products from the current chapter e.g. Lash Gorgeous Wing, Majolook and Rouge Majex.

You can also find out more about the other products available and what does it do. E.g. various information about the mascaras etc. Aside from that, you can find out what kind of products the beautiful model (as shown below) is wearing.

There’s also more information about MJ (aka Majolica Majorca, I’m calling it MJ for short.) itself, do check out the legend.

And last but not least,

There are also tips and tricks on how to use your products! Like for the picture above, there are suggestions on how to use your Majolook eyeshadow.

So far, that’s my experience on it, I check out the website to take a look at the different looks and products available and also to check out the other chapters! Do check out the website!

1 thought on “Makeup talk makes me happy. *flips hair*”

  1. hi nadia…
    relax lah sister… why get worked up n spoil your day by bunch of rumourmongrels… bark, bark, woof, woof.. yeah.. they jealous.. coz u are gtlamorous!!!


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