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Jumping ships.

Some friends move faster than people “jump ships”.

This guyfriend A and I used to be really tight with this group. One day, A and I had some disagreements with them. So in the end, basically A and I left the group.

Due to some “issues”, A and I fell out. Next thing I knew, I saw him all pally and all with that group again when previously he mentioned how disgusted he felt with them etc. I guess, some people always remember to have a “back up plan”. If one “job” does not work out, it’s best to move to another fast.

Or if a girlfriend does not work out, just find a new one or return to your ex. Naise. Now I know what kind of friend A really is.

1 thought on “Jumping ships.”

  1. I just think over time you really find out who your true friends are you know? I guess his survival instincts were to run with the pack, but it’s pretty two-faced so I understand your feelings about it, as long as you’re always true to yourself you’ve got nothing to worry about, now get out there in the world & do some exciting stuff so all of us readers can live vicariously through you haha.

    Hey just wondering, does the “m” in the new font you use look like a “r n”? The heading of this one looks like “jurnping ships” to me.


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