you know that sucky feeling when you get a call which goes like this?

A: “hey, are you going for the bbq/party/dinner/gathering/clubbing outing?”
You: “what?”
A: “oops/eh you didnt know?/they didnt invite you?”

and you’ll probably get a call much later cause probably A told the organiser and so on..

or when “friends” only call you when they need help? like perhaps for rates/statistics or what shit for their project? and for months, you have never spoken, until they need help. eh wait, wasnt this the same person who threw you sarcastic remarks while working with you?

or when they ask you out for “coffee” which turns out to be a “you need insurance” or “join my mlm club”?

or when they call you out at the very last minute because they’re bored and everyone else they’ve called isnt free?

or friends that call you out only to borrow $ and never ever return it?

count me out. i rather not have “friends” like these.


  1. If they consider you their “backup”, or a B-list friend then forget them. You already have your A-list friends, so you don’t need people like these to disappoint and irritate you.

    Life’s short, concentrate on those who matter. πŸ™‚


  2. Yeah, better leave these so called friends. But but… just want to know … haven’t you yourself ever made someone else your backup / B-list friend? Honestly? Truly, really? When I read this, it got me thinking whether I’d treated anyone as my B-list friend… And I find that not everybody can click with us the same way & people end up doing this to their friends. I know friend of mind has done it to me and I have also done it to her. A lot of the time we just go around together because it’s convenient u know? We know we’re not crazy about each other


  3. Maybe its smt u did tts y no call u =X I think maybe you tink to much. Don’t u think its wrong to assume that A told organiser. Perhaps that person last min call everybody or is still calling, just tt not u yet?? It’ll be sad to lose friends just based on 1 situation. Almost everyone may have done the same thing to someone before. As for for wat jenny said, quite sad to hear that from her. True friends wun go around talkin bad about other friends.

    nadnut: unfortunately A knew about it close to a week before i did. *shrugs* i dont think its last minute calling and if calling me last minute when others have been informed way in advance, then i know where i stand in his/her list.

    btw, its ugly posing as somebody else. if you dare to comment, use your own name.


  4. Well well I found myself sometimes guilty of this. I get stressed out ever so often when it comes to inviting people for gatherings πŸ™

    Anyways I did forget to inform one friend that I was having my ROM and so on, and after a friend talked to her she got quite angry. And the worst thing is I contacted her and said something really inappropriate which blew up our friendship quite a bit. Luckily things are back to normal, but I can’t help but feel frightened that I have left someone out. πŸ™

    Now planning my buffet guest list and I am freaking out because there’s just so many people I feel I should thank and thus invite but… πŸ™


  5. Unfortunately, that’s how the world is. You are in the blogging community so you would have seen how some are only getting to know people if it benefits them or help in a shortcut route upon graduation. The same thing goes for real life friendship, some ppl fall into the cohort, some don’t… it’s a journey to discover who is worth keeping, and who is not.