It's been a while since my last yoga update but I have to be honest, I been rather naughty. I was so busy with wedding planning that I neglected going to Updog Studio for weeks before my wedding.

Boy did I regretted it.

I felt sluggish, bloated and cranky. Honestly speaking, yoga really calms me down. When I feel very pekchek, a good yoga lesson banishes all worries away.

Now that I'm back yoga-ing, I feel so much happier! Seriously!

A month or so ago, I brought the c(hubby) for a trial lesson at Updog Studio Big Splash. Like all the men I brought to Updog Studio previously, he had the misconception that yoga was a "stretch here stretch there" and "won't burn much unlike cardio" type of sport. The c(hubby) loves sports, he loves football, running and high impact sports. But he was up for a challenge when I told him yoga isn't how he perceived it to be.

AND of course, bribery works. :p

Let's just say a "happy wife = happy life". HAHAHAHAHAHA.

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Before yoga, the mandatory meal. MUST eat the maggi mee goreng. Happy c(hubby)!

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