sick. confirm already… went to zZz yesterday feeling feverish…

today wanted to go work, woke up, world was spinning around me..

decided to rest… gonna go docs later… prolly flu? coz been feeling sick last few days..

anyway, some of u guys asked me wats my msn nick all abt…

de “she’s holding an oreo cookie rite now…”

tats coz, my DARLING boss ah….

coz i was munching on oreo cookies in de office, then there was a fone call for me, boss told de person “oh.. she’s holding an oreo cookie rite now, i’ll get her to call u back…”.

PENGZ! should have said at least i went out or on de fone.. PENGZ.

so paiseh…

i wanna be @ werk! 🙁

oritey… shall go to zZz and when it stops raining, gonna see de doc…

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