soooo tired! sighz. working life is tiring! hahaha… anyway, fredrick called my company and i answered! hahahaa… meeting thru working life… dun understand? neva mind… hahaha..

so tired from yesterday’s events! boo… anyway, work so far has been good. tiring coz of de weird working hours… (10am – 7pm), i like waking up late but by de time i get back is close to 9pm! noting much to do. watch tv, surf de net and its time to zzz…

cant wait for weekend or friday at least. dear picking me up from work. hee! missed him! de lil idiot tried to play a prank on me, thank god, i knew abt it. wahhahaa. 😛

time for my late dinner… till another day then….

miss everyone! especially angeline! (oops. :X, sorry dear!)

anyway, a phrase i reallie liked where i read in de net..

“Sell the sizzle, not the steak.”

nice hor! heh! 😛

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