OMG!!! i juz got up! now is almost 5pm! LOL… had a dinner and dance yesterday, got back real late… so no time to blog, had a restless sleep at nite, woke up here and there but after 8am slept like a baby all the way… till now! woah~ lol, anyway, me gonna freshen up, a bit tired… even after all TAT sleeping, feel a bit tired, exhausted lah… *winkz*… havent eaten since yesterday’s lunch… lol… guess sleeping didnt make me feel hungry, gotta ravage de kitchen lata, not hungry but gonna eat sumting, not gonna handle tat lack of appetite thingy.. XMAS is coming! yay… LOL… haahahaha… i didnt knoe wat to buy for my bf, so asked him, turns out he doesnt knoe wat to buy for me too! LOL… so… simple, both dun buy! hahahaha.. tat is one ting off my mind! LOL… now i gotta figure wat to buy for my frens who i drawn for de secret santa thingy, lol… both from werk and bsc… kk, gtg! will blog lata!


i feel like a pig! sleeping for sooooooooooooooooo long…. LOL…

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