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Nadia Crystel, your responses indicate that you are a very persuasive person. You prefer not to handle details or to be bound by rigid structure. Although you like to retain your independence as much as possible, you are able to relate to people in team efforts because you enjoy communicating with them. You respond well to dealing with large scale opportunities and abstract concepts.

Communication Style

Nadia Crystel, you have strong social skills and are excellent at quickly establishing rapport. You enjoy talking to people and do so with enthusiasm and spontaneity. Your style of fast, lively expression is both engaging and effective. You are a fluent speaker who expresses thoughts quickly, optimistically, and persuasively.
Also, Nadia Crystel, you respond to people with flexibility and open-mindedness. You relay a tone that is uninhibited, creative, and, at times, quite independent.

You enjoy talking and can put people at ease. You use a fun, indirect style of communication. You are people-oriented and can easily relate with another person’s point of view.

Nadia Crystel, you are a natural team player. You readily delegate authority, and you embrace training. You do not care to be involved with too many technical details. You let others set game plans, priorities and time frames.

You function well when you are allowed a lot of people-interaction. You would rather talk about details than write them down. You enjoy being the focus of attention.

Leadership Style

Leadership Style: Persuasive

You perform your leadership role by using your exceptional ability to interpret people’s actions and dialogue, and then by persuading them to do things your way. You like a leadership role, function in a manner suitable to your environment, and support teamwork. You develop your people with enthusiasm. You delegate details freely and may be disinclined to delegate authority. You actively promote change and look for new ways of reaching goals.


You may tend to work more diligently at those tasks that are most interesting to you. You may place more emphasis on satisfying your personal needs than on achieving traditional goals and accomplishments. It is possible that personal anxieties or emotions may have a negative impact on your work. You may prefer to work at your own pace, rather than follow someone else’s fixed schedule.

Motivational Needs

Nadia Crystel, you tend to be motivated by a great deal of interaction with people, and by identifying with a prestigious organization with a good public image. You desire opportunities to make more money for yourself, or to improve your status within the organization. You are motivated by praise, public recognition, and by acceptance. You are most productive when working as a team player, and when you are liked by others.

You tend to be demotivated if your territory or opportunity is reduced in size, or if you are not allowed a significant amount of people-interaction or teamwork. Insufficient recognition from management and/or peers can also affect your motivation. You can be demotivated by a perception of not being personally liked, and by not being invited to meetings with peers.

Primary Motivators

• A lot of interaction with people.
• Meeting new people and making friends.
• Opportunities to make more money and improve status.
• Being a team player within the organization.
• Praise and public recognition.
• Identifying with an organization that has prestige and a good public image.
• Awareness of what is going on in the organization.
• Acceptance and being liked by others.

Primary Demotivators

• You perceive you are not liked.
• You are not invited into meetings with your peers.
• Your territory, (opportunity) is reduced in size.
• You feel you are not part of the team.
• You do not have enough people contact.


Emotional Intelligence

Nadia Crystel, your responses indicate that you tend to feel at ease in almost any social situation. You easily build rapport, and you do not allow negative emotions to interfere with your social interactions. It is likely that you are proficient in both maintaining relationships and networking. Your negotiation, persuasion, leadership, and conflict resolution skills are probably very well developed.

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