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Remember I mentioned about the mysterious makan sessions that I started? Soon, it wwas Fidel's turn to organise!

Her choice was Barracks at Dempsey!

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I arrived late because poor ching chong boy got delayed by work. (Somehow both of us always damn suay. We always get delayed by our work somehow or rather whenever we have gatherings. hurhur)

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Remember the Outfit of the day Xmas post? Here's wat happened that day!

For Christmas, usually the boy and I will take turns planning. One person would plan and the other would buy gifts.

Last year he planned and I bought gifts, thus for this year, I would do the planning and he would buy the gifts!

After hearing the reviews of Dozo from Jacelyn, Fidel and Esther, I decided to make reservations at Dozo!

Ching Chong Boy came to pick me up! He kept asking where we were headed to. And when he gave me my present, I accidentally said "why not give me at Dozo?" then he said "Oh! We are going Dozo ah?"


Dozo wasn't too hard to locate.

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While as much as traveling with friends is really a fun and epic affair, I do enjoy traveling alone or with the significant other.

Been toying with the idea of traveling alone myself. In some of my travels, I did travel alone in some stage, e.g. 2 days in Vietnam, roaming in Japan alone etc but I have not done a full scale trip going alone.

I tried looking for deals to Bangkok / Phuket in February but the prices were a bit too expensive.

Do you have any suggestions to places for a solo female traveler to visit? Somewhere not too expensive. (I would love to go Europe! Unfortunately I'm still paying through my teeth for my study loans)

Thanks guys!