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Spent some time with my good friends.

First up!

Outfit of the day: White frilly tanktop from Bangkok, belt and pink shorts from TheBlogShop and jellies (not seen in this pic) from Novo.

Had lunch with my ex-colleagues from Grayling. Missed them so much! Kenny treated us to lunch at Ma Maison. We were supposed to have lunch at Food for Thought originally but it was closed. Oops.

Stuff we ordered.

Gratin was really yummy. Not too jelak!

The set lunch was really delish. Consisted of a hamburger steak, pasta and omu rice! Shiokkers!

The beef stroganoff rice was so-so. The omu rice with the set lunch was tastier actually. Trhe beef was a bit too tough for my liking.

Surprisingly the Seafood Paella wasn't very yummy. I remember the last time I went to Ma Maison with Jaywalk, it was really good!

Way too much food for the 4 of us!

Can you guess what is this for?

It's actually the bill! Cool isn't it?

Pics with them!

Next outing, let's go for steamboat?

After that, I met Jacelyn for a movie. We then went Sakae Sushi for dinner because I was craving for the Kani Chawanmushi!

The usual stuff I always order:

Salmon sushi

Hot green tea.

Fried tofu.

Cha soba.

Kani chawanmushi. <3

Kani tempura...

Jacelyn is very adventurous to me. LOL. I always order the same old same old! She ordered the Tempura cheese and Mango Salmon

After dinner, us gluttons went to A dessert story for well... desserts!

I was very disappointed when Slice at FEP closed down but thankfully managed to find Desert Story! I love shaved ice. Damn shiok to eat! Beats ice kachang hands down imho.

Yes, this creature of habit ordered Mango. I ALWAYS order Mango. LOL. (random: i love how chio my blackberry looks here. *flips hair*. Am wondering what skin I should use next, any recommendations?)

She ordered the Mocha.

This concluded my very gluttony Sunday. Ate ate ate nonstop! Need to exercise more instead! Next Sunday! Stanchart 10km run!

How didja spend your Sunday? Do share!


Hoo Rah Ray! Majolica Majorca has just launched a story writing competition! And there's awesome prizes to be won!

Here's how to participate!

- Write a short story of not more than 300 words.

- The story has to be about your magical journey with Majolica using these 4 products:
1) Skin Remake
2) Mascara/Lashbone
3) Autoliner
4) Jewelling eyes

- The prizes are:
1st prize: $500 worth of Majolica Majorca products
2nd prize: $300 worth of Majolica Majorca products
3rd prize: $200 worth of Majolica Majorca products

Contest ends 30th November! Winners will be announced on 2nd Dec. For more details, check out the MJ FB page or you can head over to the NAC (Ngee Ann City) showcase.

I've decided to write my very own MJ story! I wonder if the other Majolica Majorca blog ambassadors are doing it too... Hmmm.

Here's mine!

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Jo. All her life she had wanted to be beautiful but unfortunately she felt that she was born plain. She traveled to many places and met many people who claimed able to make her beautiful but they all proved unsuccessful.

One day, she heard a rumour that in the land of far far away, was a magical place where one could be transformed to be a fair beauty by the 4 almighty ones.

She immediately set her way to the land of far far away. It was hard getting there, for the place was full of obstacles but yet she persevered. She took days, spent countless of money to get her way there.

She managed to reach the land of far far away and found the 4 almighty ones.

Lady Skin Remake made Jo fair with a smooth flawless complexion. Jo skipped around in delight and went on to search for the next almighty one..

Princess Jeweling Eyes waved her magical hands and swished around Jo and soon, Jo had big beautiful eyes!

Prince Perfect Autoliner stepped right up to Jo after Princess Jeweling Eyes was done and said "Majolica Majorca!". Jo's beautiful eyes were more defined and he had given a beautiful smokey eyes look.

Jo skipped in delight and went off to find the last almighty one..

She soon found Sir Lashbone who was busy enjoying a cup of tea. He seemed annoyed at first but after she explained her quest to him, he decided to help her.

He gave her long lashes to help frame her beautiful eyes and Jo felt complete.

The 4 almighty ones bid her farewell and told her to spread the good name of Majolica Majorca to help other ladies in their quest for beauty.

Hope that you guys enjoyed my little short story! Remember to submit your own too!

All the best!


As some of you guys may notice, I do put on heavy makeup especially when going for a party or an event. Sometimes after a night of partying, it is really very tiring to remove my makeup. To be

honest, there were a few times where I just "anyhowly" remove my makeup cause i was just so tired.

And then the next day, I'll still have some of my eye makeup left. Mascara left on my eyelashes, some traces of eyeliner.


Well.... I could always choose NOT to use makeup but that's impossible for me. I could go without makeup when I go to work/nothing on/going somewhere near but if I were to go for an event, or a nice dinner, I would want to dress up and doll up!

I've finally f0und an easy makeup remover!

Presenting 3 different moments I used the Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets!

1) When I needed to remove it FAST!

I was at a Staycation with Ching Chong Boy last weekend and we had went paktoring before that. I had lots of makeup on, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, the works!

Before we went for a swim, I had to remove my makeup. Ching Chong Boy was prepared to wait 30 minutes (as per previous experiences) and had plonked himself infront of the TV.

Boy was he wrong!

I used Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets!

Love how the cleansing oil cotton facial sheets come in this container. Not only is it easy to use, it also keeps the sheets moist!

Okay, let's talk about the sheets now!

These remover sheets are different from others! Biore had cleverly added smooth cleansing oil in each moist sheet so that stubborn makeup is easily and gently removed!

All gone! Did I scare you with my panda eyes? :p

So easy to remove makeup! Just wipe! All gone!

I took like what? 10 mins to remove my makeup. Easy peasy!

2) I needed to remove heavy makeup after a late night! I had attended a blogger event and had "crawled" back home at what, 2am? Was dead tired!

I had on quite a lot of eyemakeup.

Lots of eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara!

All you have to do is place the sheet against your eyelid for 5 -6 seconds then wipe off gently! Remember to be gentle to your skin! NO TUGGING!

Removed makeup from my left eye! Completely clean! Super big difference hor? :/

3) I want to remove my makeup easily! I work pretty long hours. And by the time I get home, I just want to remove my makeup immediately, shower and grab a quick dinner!

Usually when I only have bare minimal/powder on, I really can't be arsed to go through many steps to remove my makeup!

It's just one simple quick step!

Super easy to use. Me loves! <3

Go try Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets now!


Was invited by OMY to the Royal Caribbean cruise preview tour of the Legend of The Seas.

Outfit of the day: Deep blue v neck dress with puff sleeves from TheBlogShop and heels from U.R.S. Someone commented it's Gagaish sleeves!

Have any of you guys been on a cruise before? I went on one earlier part of this year with my mum and it was fab!

Basically you can do everything you want there. You watch movies, musicals, shows, listen to live bands, go to the gym, have a good massage and basically eat till your heart's content there!

2 of my favourite things to do! Watch movies/magic shows and to visit the casino. As most of you guys may know, I love playing poker and I used to play it weekly! Was kinda bummed that the casino was closed! 🙁

If you are not the casino loving kind, here are other activities you can  consider! You could check out their entertainment rooms, they have an arcade room where you can whip out your inner rockstar, there's a karaoke room where you can belt out a few songs and then shake your booty to the music, you could also listen to the live band. You could also chill out at the pools with a nice cocktail. If you're not the tanning sort, fret not, there is an indoor tanning pool. Pssst. Did I mention that there's a jacuzzi? Woo hoo!

For me, I love chilling out and listening to live bands. Sing along to the music and enjoy great company with friends. What's your favourite way to chill out?

For those who prefer pampering their body, they can choose to work out at the gym or go for a spa session. Or well, why not do both?

There's more activities on board! For everyone of all ages!

Let's take a look at the rooms now!

Royal Caribbean offers a variety of room for all needs. We start from the basic, the interior stateroom which offers a selection of either twin beds or a double bed.

We were then shown the Royal Family Suite which is perfect for families (thus the name!). Owner's Suite had a great view of the sea while the The Royal Suite was the cream de la creme. There was a freaking huge bathroom (which had an awesome bathtub), a walk in wardrobe, a piano, a mini bar, living room area and the huge bed! Beautiful! Wonder if I'll ever have the chance to stay in The Royal Suite.

While we were walking to the dining area, we saw this room that stood out from the rest. The room was decorated for a birthday! I thought that it was a really nice touch! Very sweet of them.

We were shown two dining areas.

The first was the buffet area.

A good selection of food! Was really hungry when we walking through the restaurant.

We were then ushered to Romeo and Juliet.

From left: Me, Jacelyn, Sabrina, Feliza, Pris and Clara.

Romeo and Juliet is a fine dining restaurant where you will enjoy a dedicated server. It's fab because he/she will remember your dining preferences and you'll really enjoy yourself. E.g. I only take green tea, he/she will remember to offer me green tea instead of asking "Coffee or Tea etc". It's something small or maybe even trivial to you, but I really think it's a nice touch to it.

I really enjoyed the half day tour. Thanks Royal Caribbean for the opportunity!