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Remember the previous Happy it's Here campaign? This time, Whisper is back to share more tips and I'm proud to be their digital ambassador once again!

Do look out for loads more of Whisper tips coming up! Periods need not mean having to change your lifestyle or being a hassle/burden to one self! (Pssst. I seriously use Whisper, I don't believe in endorsing something that I don't use!)

This month's Whisper tips from Yours Truly! Here's how I feel good all day!

1) Have fun with my girlfriends. Spending time together, shopping and all. Just having them around makes my day better! Having a listening ear and a warm hug always kicks the blues away!

nadnut's freshness tip: When out for the whole day, remember to pack enough Whisper Ultras to prevent any boo-boos! I always pack some feminine wipes along with my Whisper Ultra to give me that fresh, clean feeling all day!

2) Listening to good music!

Music seriously heals the soul. Whenever I feel sad or when I need a pick me up, I listen to my favourite songs! R&B songs really perks me up!

nadnut's freshness tip: For me, I listen to music till I fall asleep. If you do the same, might as well make use of the opportunity for a relaxing eye mask at the same time! No swollen or tired eyes the next day!

3. I go for a run.

Jogging helps de-stresses me. I feel energised after each run!

nadnut's freshness tip: Remember to drink some water to prevent heatstroke! Bring along a bottle of water or isotonic drink to keep you all fresh and hydrated!

That's my 3 tips for this month! Look out for more tips coming soon! Tell me how do you keep yourself fresh! Would love to hear more from you 🙂

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I miss those days. Rushing for theory classes and pool sessions.

Some pictures taken a few weeks ago.

Met up with David for dinner at Sakae Sushi.

Look at the amount of food we ordered! I feel that my taste buds have changed really a lot. I used to never take salmon sushi or chawanmushi or even cha soba but now i can't enough of it!

And I really enjoy the small plates as I always prefer variety. The more dishes the merrier!

And after dinner, I met Fidel to rush off to pool session. We always had to cab as the school is up on a hill and is a tad inconvenient to travel for us!

I know I'm supposed to blog about my diving trip soon. Oops! Shall wait till I get my card in my hand first! Am itching for leisure and advanced open water dives soon.

Anyone here dives too?