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Ong Shaocheng Aaron, shame on you!

Having dated ccb (ching chong boy) say for close to 16- 17 months, I’ve been a pillion on his bike almost every other day. People have the misconception that riders/bikers are reckless, dangerous, they speed a lot. While it might be true to a certain extent, drivers are also guilty of exactly the same things. …

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Lao Yusheng with the MJ girls!

[Photoblog] Jerraine organised a steamboat and lao yusheng outing at her place for CNY. Here are some pics! Camwhoring before heading off to the gathering. Corde and me. With Kanny. With Jerraine’s Karmel. Pls ignore the fat arms. I so need to get on a diet and get back to the gym. Laoyusheng! With sweet …

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