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Before I blog about my birthday celebration, I thought it would be better to clear some backlog! Like Ccb's birthday!

Ccb has a very special birthday! It's on 911!

I brought him to watch a movie and after that surprised him to Yakiniku Daidomon! Ccb loves beef and sashimi so I thought Yakiniku Daidomon would be really suitable for him! And he LOVES it! (A bit of hiccup though. I directed him to UE Square when it was at United Square. :/)

Posing with Ccb's pride and joy. So big hor!

Here we areeeeeeee~

Yakiniku is basically an ala-carte buffet. You order the dishes you want and they'll serve it to you.

The cooked food is buffet style so do help yourself to it. I wouldn't advice you guys to eat a lot of cooked food though! Save the space for the yummy beef!

It's basically a charcoal grill style kind of barbeque. If the grill gets too dirty, don't worry! Ask them to change it for you!

Some of the stuff we ordered! (captions only if the food is very the good!)

This is very goodddddddddddddddddddddd!

The sashimi was really good! Guzzled a lot of this! MUST ORDER K!

This is a raw dsh! Not to be barbequed k! Very yummy. Go order! I had my misgivings at first as I don't usually eat raw beef/raw egg but Ccb persuaded me to try it and I'm glad I did!

Please remember to order the wagyu beef. Damn shioks!

This is the reason why Ccb and I are putting on lotsa weight. I have found my food soul mate.

I was contemplating if I should post Ccb's picture here but I still have my misgivings over showing pictures of bfs on my blog.... Maybe next time!

Ccb really enjoyed himself. Yay! Success!

nadnut’s rating on ambience, food, service and value for money:

If you’ll like to check out the place, here are the details:

Yakiniku Daidomon
101 Thomson Road #01-14/15
United Square
Singapore 307591
(t) 6356 7577 / 6356 7277
(f) 6356 6862



As some of you guys may know, I recently went Bali with Sabrina!

We  did our online check-in earlier and we need not line up with the rest of the people. All we had to just dump our luggage at the counter! Don't forget that you can check in 30 hours before the flight!

Because we checked in early, we manage to get great seats! I got the Economy Comfort seats! More legroom and more recline!

The flight was comfortable, yummy food and good movies! Sab and I was happily watching Cloudy with a chance of meatballs and chit chatting the whole duration.

We were brought to Hard Rock Hotel. Just realised I don't have any pics of the hotel! Sab, do you have any?!

We walked around Kuta beach and retired after our supper of Banana pancake. Shiokadoos!

The next day we went white water rafting which was a tiring but extremely fun experience. I didn't bring my camera as I was scared I'll lose it!

After that, we washed up and went to walk around Kuta beach.

Our favourite dish. Mee goreng. Wahhahaaa. We're easily satisfied!

After that, Sab and I went to colour our hair at Hard Rock Bali's hair salon.

Before. Spot the black roots?


The dyejob was about 40 bucks for my length. Not too bad!

We went to Hard Rock Cafe after that for a good dinner. The burgers there are ginormous!

The next day, we went shopping! Didn't find much to buy except for bangles! Didn't even buy any souvenirs for Ching Chong Boy. 🙁 Oops.

The people there are a bit aggressive though! Scared Sab and I a bit. Mostly those sellers at the beach. They kept asking us to go for massages, temporary tattoos, hair braiding and manicures! Luckily I could speak a bit of malay/bahasa indonesia and could tell them to back off. lol.

Took some pics at the hotel and we were off to the airport!

Love love love my rainbow dress!

Can't wait to go back to Bali! This time I'll probably go with Ccb! Tickets are so cheap at S$250 only and there's flights 4 times a week! Our trip was way too short! Next time i'll do bungee-jumping!

Even Ronald Mcdonalds is surfing his way to Bali!

For more info, do check out!

Thanks KLM and Hard Rock Hotel for making this trip possible for Sabrina and me! Much love!


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MJ offered me a contract for 2010 and I HAD to take it. Free makeup, latest launches and great company, what's not to like?

Especially when I need not buy makeup ever for a while. I swear I have makeup to last more than 2 years! I should take some pictures of my collection and post it up!

For Chapter 26, the theme was "She was a doll". Think of dolly eyes, long lashes, cutesy look! That's this chapter's theme!

As usual, MJ launches are always fun! This time, they gave us cutesy ddung dolls which the girls went bonkers over!

Plus they brought in a Frolick machine!

Super duper cute lah!

For this chapter, they launched a few items but I'll break it into a few entries! For this entry, let's talk about the key items!

Remember Lash bone? We have a revamped version this time! It's now Lash Bone Black Fiber In ($24.50)! This version really primes your lashes for more definition, greater length and density and maximum thickness! Not only that, it's formulated with Jet-Black Fiber formula (which is invented by Shiseido) which gives you a semi-translucent base, so you do not see any white residue  on your lashes after application!

The other key item is the Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On ($25.90). With a single application, it gives an instant thick, glossy & doll-like look to your lashes! The new advanced mascara is formulated with thick jet-black fibers, Volume Up Powder and gloss oil for instant volume! One of the most unique bit about the Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On is the double comb. It has thick and fine teeth to help separate while thickening lashes perfectly!

I tried it out and here are the results!

I like! I'm also using the new eyeshadow palette PK722. It has beautiful pastel tones.

Very light and suitable for day makeup!

The other shade is BL711 which has more cool shades.

I like it! I think that it gives me a very refreshing look!

Yanny and me! Which do you prefer on me? Check out this month's issue of CLEO! Both Huirong and myself is in it!

Jeweling Eyes retals at $27.50 and are available at most Watsons outlets! Go grab them now!