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It has been a long time since I had a WYR. Oops.

Anyway, this week's WYR is something I've been thinking about.

Would You Rather?

1) Get a bike. Afterall, the bike itself is cheaper than getting a car, parking would be cheaper and easier and you'll get to your destination faster with all of that zipping in and out lanes. Downside is the weather, riding in the rain is horrible and also how dangerous it could be.

2) Get a car. While it is much more expensive than owning a bike, it would be more comfortable. I'll never have to worry about the weather however the loans would definitely be more taxing on my pocket.

Choose one and explain why!

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Remember my last review? After having my brows waxed, I was tempted to go try brazilian waxing but I wasn't gonna go down alone. I needed moral support!

I asked a lot of people like Sheylara, Jessica and Esther but all didn't dare to try brazilian waxing with me. 🙁 I was resigned to go alone till I asked Fidelis. The spunky babe was all ready to go with me!

And both of us had never did brazilian waxing! We were b wax virgins. 😉

It didn't help that both of us heard that b waxing was really painful from everyone else. To be honest, we went in trembling. Well, at least I was.

Instead of the Liang Court branch, I decided to check out the Marina South outlet instead. (It's located opposite Carl's Junior.)

While the Marina Square outlet was significantly smaller, it's also more accessible.

The experience.

Before heading to the room, I took a shower to well, freshen up. Was ushered to the room where.. well, I laid down on the table spreading my legs. [This sounds so wrong!] My therapist Ouyang, did an anti-microbial prep. I whispered to her that it was my first time and asked her to be gentle with me. She started by applying some hard wax (which I later found out was quality hard wax from Australia) on my skin. I noticed that with every application, she changed spatulas. (or whatever that icecream stick lookalike is called). No double dipping at all. Phew.

The wax was hot! [Fidelis mentioned that she liked the hot wax. Tsk tsk, kinky gal.] While I waited for the wax to cool down, I thought that she would be applying little pieces of cloth like the waxing scene in 40 year old virgin. (Which explains why I thought my skin would be bleeding after waxing.) While Ouyang was touching the wax, I thought she was reapplying more wax, the next thing I knew, she had pulled off the wax.

The pain factor? Negligible. It was seriously not painful at all. I was more surprised, actually. Ouyang continued with the other areas and later on used strip wax (the wax with the cloth strips) and afterwards a bit of tweezing for the stubborn ones.

After everything was over, she did a post-wax treatment with some cream and recommended some post-care treatment products to me.

I wasn't in ANY pain at all and I checked with Fidelis, she thought it was painless too. I think being "clean" is very comfortable and hygienic. I'm gonna do this every time!

I plurked that it was painless and it seemed that some people didn't believe that I felt no pain. So here goes, the Pink Parlour people are offering a special promotion to my readers. (This is NOT an advertorial.)

Print the discount coupon below and enjoy a 1 for 1 brazilian waxing session. Each session costs $55 (Boyzillians cost $68) so essentially with this offer its $27.50 per session. Isn't it cheap?

[UPDATE: Boys get to enjoy 20% off for boyzillians! I managed to get the discount for the boys, now go get clean!]

Go for it! and let me know if it's as painless for you as it was for me!

Pink Parlour
177 River Valley Road #B1-06A
Liang Court Shopping Centre S(179030)
(t) 6 100 7465

6 Raffles Boulevard #01-229
Marina Square S(039594)
(t) 6100 5489