Monthly Archives: January 2009


I seriously don't understand some people. If you wanna blog and leave a direct message to me via your blog, do so. Why password protect it after a day or 2? Don't bother "staying", I've already made my choice over this "acquintance-ship".

I absolutely adore Bloglines in this case. I get to view entries that were now deleted or made password protected.


I don't know if you guys remember but I did an advertorial for Hollyhoque previously. I absolutely adore their dresses as they fit me perfectly. A perfect fit for petite lil me.

Anyway, Hollyhoque has been playing designer! They've came out with a few self manufactured designs. Do check it out here and here! They've kindly sent over one of their self manufactured floral tops. I'll post pics of it once I've received it!

Me wearing their Little Princess Hoodie.

Do check out their latest collections here!

Aside from that, since February would be my birthday month, I’ll be offering discounts for advertorials and banners. Contact me here to get a quote!


It was quite a whirlwind affair. Hillary of PreciousLiving had mentioned on plurk that she was having an open house on the first day of CNY and all were welcomed. As yours truly had nothing to do on CNY, I decided to go visit Hillary in Melaka!

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