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Here's the obligatory year at a glance post but this time I'll do it differently. A summarised version.

I broke up with Tiger on 1 January. It was a hard decision to make after spending 5 years with him but I had to do it. To be honest, I didn't think about breaking up with him till that day. Didn't help when he told me he had wanted to propose after I broke up with him. Just made me feel even more wrecked with guilt. Gotta admit that it was a hasty and rash decision.

We weren't exactly friends after that and there were many times we exchanged harsh words. My biggest regret of 2009 would have to be breaking his heart. Currently we're kinda working at being friends but I wonder if it'll ever work.

Sat for my last paper in end Feb. Won the CLEO Guest Editor stint in Feb/March. Got a peek into the world of publishing. I really liked it, would consider getting back to publishing perhaps in the near future.

Started dating CCB in late March. Just broke a cardinal rule of mine by dating a friend's ex-boyfriend. Somehow or rather, said friend and I fell out, not really because of me dating her ex but because of some misunderstandings.

Result were out in April/May I think. I passed!

Joined the SoyJoy competition. Had fun with the challenges and nearly went mad with the same challenges too.

Jayden and I combined forces to join the SingTel-Nuffnang competition. We won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Found out that I won the SoyJoy competition. Got all set to go to Japan!

Entered the Tangs Blogathon competition just for fun. Basically just wanted to join with Jayden and have fun bullying each other. By some fluke, I actually won the Audience choice. Really did not play to win okay!

Fell horribly sick after Blogathon, must be from the lack of sleep. Nearly could not travel to Japan as I was having a high fever. :/

Went to Japan and spent $3k. KILL ME PLS.

Came back and by another fluke, got offered a job. Took up the job because the $3k spent was haunting me. (I had wanted to nua for the whole of 2009!)

Went for the Great Eastern 10k run. Actually finished without any prior training. HALLELUJAH!

Had my convocation. TMD expensive gown. Must remember to blog about convocation!

Went with ccb and his biker friends to Kukup. Set off my first fireworks! Fucking fantastic.

Work work work. Nothing exciting happened during this time.

Went to Standchart with the mothership. We walked throughout and chatted for almost 2 hours. Am proud of the mothership for being able to finish the 10k!

Started learning driving. Manual is killing me.

Spent xmas eve with the barflies. Hilarious people, they all are. Am scared of said waterfall next year. Must escape Wala in February.

Went to BKK with ccb, Vic, Jayden and Fabian. Spent $1.2k. Crazy amount of money!

Am already planning next year, will be going Bali in Feb and my driving test in March. (confirmed fail!). This year seems to be full of ups and downs. Hopefully next year would be a much better year!

How was your year? Hopefully it wasn't as volatile as mine!


The lowdown. I cut my hair short. Not because I wanted to...

I went to a certain "weather" salon from a friend's recommendation and I had wanted to have a change of hairstyle. The hairstyle I wanted was rejected by the hairstylist and he recommend something "medium-length" for my hair.

I figured that since my hair was long, medium-length didn't sound too bad and it'll probably be a trim for me.

I did leave a few rules for him before he started cutting.

1) I needed a hairstyle that I NEED NOT STYLE/BLOW DRY as I DO NOT blowdry my hair at home.

2) My hair curls at the ends if it is layered/hits the shoulder so it has to be a hairstyle that is flattering and to minimise the curls. I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE CURLS.

And the hairstyle became like this..

So, this is medium length? What was my previous hair length then? XXXL?!

I hated the hair then but I thought at least the hair didn't curl so it wasn't too bad.


It started curling! I didn't take much pics with my straight short hair because I absolutely hated the look. This is one of the "nicest" pictures, the hair started curling like shit after that. Needless to say, I will NEVER return to that "weather" salon ever again.

What ever happened to hairstylists listening to what the customer wants?

While I struggled with my hair, I decided to bite the bullet and go for a perm. At least a proper perm would look better than the ugly "duck tails".

I did my research and decided to check out Shunji Matsuo at Wellington building. Kaoru-san was my hairstylist. She recommended using this new Japanese perm which incorporates Japanese micro nanotechnology into its range of styling and hair care services. This helps  minimizes the damage of chemical treatments.

It sounded pretty awesome so I decided to go for it.

Kaoru-san first started by giving me a trim.

Trimming off the ugly layers that the previous "weather" stylist did.

Guess who I saw?! The man himself, Shunji!

He is very down to earth and very friendly!

They then did a "pre-treatment"

Seems like Shunji Matsuo uses a different type of hair curler as compared to those conventional 'auntie' types.

The perm was nothing that I've done before. The previous ones that I did was usually hooked up to some heat/machine but this one felt as if it was using steam to perm my hair. I did some reading up about the treatment and they mentioned that it was a breakthrough hair care technology which uses a  superior performing moisturizing treatment that facilitates the penetration of nanometre molecules into each individual hair follicle, dramatically improving the construction of hair and restoring it back to a healthier condition.

More pictures of the treatment.

I look like an alien man!

As you can see, I got quite bored after a while...

The end result. Of course, this is with styling...

But I'm pretty satisfied with the end result.

Pic of hair close to one month after the perm. No products used.

Of course, I would prefer my long hair as there's so much you can do with long hair but I'm glad that at least, I tried a new hairstyle. Sick of my "stagnant" hair.

Now... to grow my hair long!

Do you prefer my straight short hair or permed short hair?


Here's another entry! This time we moved from Tokushima to Osaka. While I love traipsing to different places, I absolute hate packing and unpacking with a vengeance.

Here's some pictures of our hotel!

As you can see, space is limited in Japan. The hotel rooms were also quite cramped. Remember to bring your laptop as most hotels offer free internet. Totally regretted not bringing my laptop. 🙁

I'm going to flood this entry with lots of cute pictures.

We girls went to walk around Osaka and we found this really cute petshop!

Cute aren't they?

After that, we went for a yummy teppanyaki dinner. Will post up pics in my next Soyjoy entry!