Yours truly...

It feels so good when it hurts.

Recently I’ve spent a lot of money on a gym membership. Not really a good move to make especially now that times are bad but I’ve always deliberated over one and decided to just do so. I haven’t exercised in years and am terribly unfit right now. Not only have I gained a few kgs …

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Mini notes


Was at a Sony Ericsson event earlier where they launched a 8.1 megapixel camera phone which literally just trumped Samsung’s Innov8 (which is 8mp). It’s as if SE is telling Samsung: I’m better. Up yours!

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Would You Rather? – McCain vs Obama

Here’s another suggested Would You Rather?! This week’s Would You Rather? is by the kind and very sweet Ridz! Would You Rather? have 1) A world spiraling to hell under McCain and Palin but with GUARANTEED unlimited comedy OR 2) A world with an improving economy under Obama with relatively boring news. Choose one and …

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