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some time ago, us nuffnangers received a community update from ming. nuffnang was sponsoring 5 nuffnangers to one of the talks titled "to blog or not to blog, that is the question". the talk was part of the singapore sun festival.

signed up for it and i got chosen! wooot! as yours truly was a super blur goondu, i managed to con persuade jayden to meet me at raffles mrt and to go to the venue together. 😛

i didnt expect the talk to be a workshop! the setting was marvelous. i felt that we were transported to somewhere exotic. instead of the usual boring seminar type of setting.

jacqueline is a very interesting lady. she was humorous and knew how to get active participation from everyone. she went thru the 2 parts of a blog namely the identity and content. though some of the points, well, we as bloggers would know of, it was interesting listening and finding out more from her.

what was memorable was 2 exercises. one was when she asked everyone to pick up a paper from a hat, we were supposed to write about whatever we thought of what was in the paper.

imagine our surprise when we looked into the paper. i had a yellow squiggly line.

the first thing i thought of was colours. so i wrote about how colours can affect one's moods.

some of the nuffnangers hard at work.

the second was when we were told to take a little stroll to the river. we werent allowed to communicate at all. as we stroll to the river, i took in the sights and sounds.

it was interesting just observing everyone. for me personally, it has been a long time since i've taken a stroll. i wonder if passerbys were wondering why the heck a bunch of people are walking in a big group, not talking and just staring at the river.

again, we wrote. i wrote about the hustle and bustle about life.

we were served yummy finger food from indochine. damn shiok.

i loved the whole setting. well except for the super cold aircon which was blowing directly at me. brrrrr. overall i had a very good experience.

pics! all of us. 🙂

with jacqueline. she asked us to pose like the japanese. tweese!

group pic outside the tent. from left: jayden, myself. immelia, ming, kexin, wen, estee and ylva.

didnt manage to take pics with everyone individually but here's some. 🙂

immelia and i. pretty lass!

funny kexin!

pics are from ming/huiwen, immelia and myself. thanks guys!

most of all, thanks ming for giving me an opportunity to attend the talk! 🙂

and guess who we saw?!?!

neil humpreys!!!!!!!!! he's freaking tall. think i only came up to his waist? o.O gosh, i love his writings!!!

a lovely evening!


since it's happy tiger day, here's some trivia on tiger.

  1. tiger hates birthdays and christmas. hurhurhur.
  2. tiger got his nickname not because he likes tiger beers or tiger biscuits, but because of the silly line mary jane uttered in spiderman: 'go get them tiger'. i used to say that to him when he was gaming. 😛
  3. tiger is anonymous on my blog not because he requested to be, but because i made him so. decided to keep some aspects of my life private. meaning tiger and work. and pics of family.
  4. i disliked tiger for quite some time when i first knew him. who would ever guessed we would be together? o.O
  5. tiger's first words to me were "are you tall enough to reach the wok?". i was in hospitality management then. grrr. such a "good" first impression. ptooooi.
  6. my then best friend and i hated tiger like hell. she still doesnt understand why i am still with him. 😛
  7. tiger looks different from when we first started dating. i got shortchanged. ptoooi. and yes, i looked different too. slimmer but more tomboyish then. bah.
  8. tiger prefers that i do not wear makeup. i think he hates waiting for me. lol.
  9. tiger is such a gamer-holic, he neglects me. bah. he chooses wow over me. !!!!!
  10. tiger is scared of cockroaches (and i'm not scared of them). he once jumped behind me (and shoved me infront) when he saw one. so much for being protected. ptooooi!

happy birthday old man!