to blog or not to blog?

some time ago, us nuffnangers received a community update from ming. nuffnang was sponsoring 5 nuffnangers to one of the talks titled “to blog or not to blog, that is the question”. the talk was part of the singapore sun festival. signed up for it and i got chosen! wooot! as yours truly was a …

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my loony bun is fine benny lava!

lol. the whole office is going crazy with this silly video. and i irritated tiger the whole day yesterday by singing that line. lol. i want the ringtone! time to learn the lyrics. lol. credits to buffalax. have you been high today? i see the nuns are gay! wahhahahahahaha!

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tiger trivia.

since it’s happy tiger day, here’s some trivia on tiger. tiger hates birthdays and christmas. hurhurhur. tiger got his nickname not because he likes tiger beers or tiger biscuits, but because of the silly line mary jane uttered in spiderman: ‘go get them tiger’. i used to say that to him when he was gaming. …

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