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i posted the above as my msn nick. 😛 and straightaway someone msged me.

[13:13] /edstatic.: u hav jus insulted one of e best shows tis season..
[13:13] /edstatic.: ur nuts!
[13:13] nadnut™ (R) [transformers. idiots in disguise.]: i am nuts
[13:13] nadnut™ (R) [transformers. idiots in disguise.]: im nadnut!

not that i have anything against the show. but since young, i have always sang "idiots in disguise!" to their theme song. just like i always say "who wants to be an idiot on air" to "who wants to be a millionaire" and "singapore idiot" to "singapore idol". =X. check out the below. lol.

[13:20] HL: hahaaa XXX think transformers is a very good show
[13:20] HL: better than pirates
[13:20] nadnut™ (R) [transformers. idiots in disguise.]: =X
[13:20] nadnut™ (R) [transformers. idiots in disguise.]: i wont watch
[13:20] nadnut™ (R) [transformers. idiots in disguise.]: hahaha
[13:20] HL: haha its a guy show
[13:20] nadnut™ (R) [transformers. idiots in disguise.]: ya man
[13:20] HL: im forced to go by bf
[13:21] nadnut™ (R) [transformers. idiots in disguise.]: haha i told my bf
[13:21] nadnut™ (R) [transformers. idiots in disguise.]: NO WAY
[13:21] nadnut™ (R) [transformers. idiots in disguise.]: hahaha
[13:30] HL: hahaa XXX was saying all gfs r forced to go watch lol
[13:31] nadnut™ (R) [transformers. idiots in disguise.]: lol


why do women ask each other to go toilet together? unless there's a big secret/gossip/relay msg, why do they go together? i used to "jio" friends to go toilet together in school when it was late last time. well because it was dark and i was.. well, scared but now after school, if i do ask someone to go to the washroom, it would be more of courtesy sake. e.g. "i'll be going to the ladies, anyone wants to go too?"

but i wont make it a point to control my bladder just to wait for a friend to go or just to go with a friend while she does her bodily functions while i wait for her. (unless its late or like the above reasons)

but the girls in my office would go to the washroom in big batches. 5 of them would troop to the washroom at a go. there's only 3 cubicles! the last time when i went to the washroom i bumped into them. some of them did not need to use the washroom!

then why do they go to the washroom together? *puzzled* if i was outside, i understand. but at work? erm. ok. just seems so bo liao. and yes im bo liao being puzzled by them. =X

do you go always go to the ladies together? if so, why? pray tell.