Monthly Archives: June 2004


i lost someone very special yesterday (27/6/04)

someone who ranks number 2 in my list of who i love. someone who matters more than my boyfriend. someone who has been there with me for almost 4 years.

my cat chicken leg. though u may be gone, u will always remain dear in my heart. i will miss de times when u will meow when i reached home, to de times when everynite u will snuggle in my arms and sleep with me.

if it was possible, i would give up a few years of my life for u to be with me longer.

i regret not being there when u passed away.

u have been a great pet. de best anyone can wish for.

chicken leg, i will always love u and u will remain in my heart forever. *hugz & kisses*

"CHICKEN LEG. my best fren, my love, my pet, FOREVER. 27/6/2004."

i wun be blogging for sometime. grieving. its not just a cat. tis cat loves me and has been with me for 4 years. sighz. i need some time alone.


bleah. saw some pics in my friend's album. yucks! guys should never ever wear swimming trunks. unless its like de shorts cutting. juz stick to board shorts. ugly!

anyway, not gonna go to sentosa. dun ask. >.< will be down for booze party earlier! woot woot! help to set up. lol. dear is going but he cant drink. he gotta conserve his voice for tomorrow's audition. i tink its also a convenient excuse. hahaha. he cant drink! muahahaha. :X enjoy! peace out!



kk. listen up!,

we are meeting at bishan mrt (control station) @ 8.30pm. siwei will pick us up from there and bring us to his place. dun forget to bring liquor. please leave in de comments function (not tag!) , ur name and wat r u bringing.

if u guys dun have liqour, get ppl to share and buy. and also bring snacks and soft drinks. playing cards and watsoever games also bring yah.

if u guys need more details, feel free to call me.

please call. dun sms. i wun answer sms-es. 😛

see u guys there!