saw someting sweet from fred’s site thus ripped it off to show u guys here… lol… here it is:-

[ What A Guy said to a GIRL ]

A qirl asked a quy if he th0uqht she was pretty..he said n0. she asked him if he liked her..he said n0. she asked him if he wanted t0 be with her..he said n0… she asked him if he w0uld cry if she walked away..he said n0..it was t00 much.. she started t0 walk away.. but the b0y qrabbed her hand & said..y0u aren’t pretty.. y0u’re beautiful; I d0n’t like y0u.. I l0ve y0u; I d0n’t want t0 be with y0u.. I need y0u; I w0uldn’t cry if y0u walked away.. I w0uld die….

Aint it de sweetest thing! sighz… am always a sucker for honey words… lol…



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