i wonder why i get so tired these days?

is it de lack of mr compaq or mr red bull? looks like the men in my life are all away. 🙁

yesterday went to jb. lol. with a bunch of hilarious people. didnt smuggle in any bubblegum.

damn. i should have.

there was a looooooooooong jam on the way back. and when you just had 3 coconuts and the need to pee is killing you, its no joke.

i felt like getting out of the car and walking the whole way.

it was a looooooooooooong way back. zzzz. reached home 1ish and concussed all the way…


i need mr compaq and mr red bull. oh. i was given permission to drink red bull yesterday. for one day only. so bloody tempting. tmd. but…

it sounds too suspicious i decided to stick with the challenge.

14 days to go!

hilarious moment. when i was in jb, in the car. i spotted a lorry full of cows. as in live cows. they were transporting the cows. i winded down the window and tried taking pics but couldnt get any good shots. as the lorry zooomed away, i shouted (to no one in particular) “nooooooooooooooo. my steak!!!!!!!”

oh. and i kept having the feeling that the cows were gonna spit on me when i was taking their pics. LOL!

update: just got this link from mandrake.

good. serves them right.

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